“From Broadway…with ‘LIKE’ ” Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin
Hamilton lost a major supporter of everything artistic with the passing of Pauline Zamprogna. It was only fitting that the Brott Festival presented a tribute concert dedicated to her memory and to the music that she so enjoyed. Her son, acting as an M.C. recalled the shows in which she either performed or relished. In other words those she really liked. This writer also happens to be a fan of the Broadway genre.

The soloists; Zambrogna 'mishpocha' and chorus taking their bows

The soloists; Zambrogna ‘mishpocha’ and chorus taking their bows


“The Philadelphia Story”; Appearance is everything 1

Review by Judith Robinson @ SHAWreviewerJudith Robinson
                Playwright Philip Barry makes a mockery of the upper classes in the Philadelphia Story. First produced in 1939, and made into an award-winning movie starring Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart, it’s a wonderfully written spoof on life at the top—a well-crafted sermon on the amorality of affluence and a celebration of life without limits. It’s entertaining, thought-provoking and funny.
In order for the play to work really well, the timing has to be just right and the actors need to play off each other with a passion on the edge of madness.  Photo courtesy of David Cooper

Philadelphia Story                       Major Cast members of THE PHILADELPHIA STORY, interacting More…

SHAW’s “CABARET”; challenges, educates; & sends a message through music 11

Review by Judith RobinsonreviewerJudith Robinson

The Shaw Festival’s production of Cabaret is visually stunning, musically satisfying and thought-provoking.
The two female leads—Deborah Hay and Corrine Koslo steal the show. Koslo, sings her heart out, as Fraulein Schneider, an aging landlady forced to give up her Jewish fiancé during the rise of Nazism, in Berlin. Her earthy wisdom is an anchor in a script filled with frivolous conversations and bar-drinking hijinks.
                                                       Photo courtesy of Emily Cooper

The cast of "CABARET"; Shaw- 2014

The cast of “CABARET”; Shaw- 2014


“Mac is the new Orange”; an A+ CAE! Reply

Review by Danny Gaisinreviewer_Danny
Last fall, while breakfasting at the Maple Leaf, we learned from a trio of MacMed undergrads that they were considering staging a parody musical fund-raiser. Last night, Mac IS THE NEW ORANGE was the result and the operation was a success! The audience at Westdale was SRO; although considering my seatmates; this was certainly a ‘preaching to the choir’ situation. Should anyone have cried out ‘Is there a doctor in the house?’ chaos would have resulted!

The (almost) new MD's from MacMed!

The (almost) new MD’s from MacMed!


“FIFTEEN YEARS AGO”; a look back at James St. N Reply

Review by Tony Kilgannonreviewer_Tony
Fifteen years ago, Mark McNeil was writing a piece for the Hamilton Spectator, about James Street North where things were not going well. “You know things are rough”, he wrote, “When a street can’t even support its beer store any longer”. Happily, things have turned around on our storied avenue. It now supports, if not a beer store, at least a plethora of restaurants, bars, venues, galleries &shops.
Many years after writing his words of concern, McNeil had the pleasure of writing a longer much more optimistic update, and was delighted with the improvements noticed.

The musical denizens of JAMES ST. North.

The musical denizens of JAMES ST. North.


Hammer Ent’s “NINE” is a 9+ production 8

Review by Danny GaisinreviewerDGcolor

NINE’s lead character -Guido states that he is “40 physically, but mentally – age 10”; this writer has the same problem …but Doubled! The locale is 1960’s Venice and the plot deals with a roué film producer who brings his wife and his mistresses to a spa while planning a new movie that will rejuvenate his lagging career. Bring stowed luggage and some unbreakable overhead bin stuff; but leave the excess baggage (read –chicks & problems) behind!

Guido 'conducting' his menagerie

Guido ‘conducting’ his menagerie