5 @ the 1st; “Czech Celebration” Reply

Review by Danny GaisinreviewerDJG
Ever wonder why composers, citizens or musicians from the Czechoslovakian Republic aren’t called ‘Checkers’? ‘Cuz the Americans patented the name for their version of draughts! This weekend the Mercer team presented a string celebration of Czech music and the guests and selections made it a standout concert. The opening works were arranged and performed by Hamilton’s talented teen cellists, Maximilian & Theodor Aoki. Pieces by Michael Jackson and the Tedder/Filkins pop rock team were ably performed, but unfortunately both opuses were repetitious with pedestrian variations.

Berick,Koczo,Mercer,Desoer,Boyle & Rudolph, performing Dvorak

Berick,Koczo,Mercer,Desoer,Boyle & Rudolph, performing Dvorak


“Salute to Vienna”; you’ll exit humming 2

Review by Danny GaisinreviewerDGcolor

Vienna has been known as the ‘City of Music’ forever. When Attila & Marion Glatz decided to publicize their hometown; what could be more applicable than a musical pastiche of the city’s heritage. “Salute to Vienna” is just that, except a subtitle might well be Salute to a cultural legacy! Feeling a little adroit… how about trying to name about a dozen famous classical composers and musicians who were either native or residents of this old Austrian capitol. (See end of article). *

Conductor Schulz and some dancer s& singers of "SALUTE to VIENNA"

Conductor Schulz and some dancer s& singers of “SALUTE to VIENNA”


O.A.R.’s “THE TOP TEN”; 2014 Reply

Selected by Staff & Admin.

Annual Ritual no. 10 as O.A.R., but the 14th incarnation of re-capping those efforts that had the greatest impact on our attending contributors… the best of over two hundred cultural events. Here in calendar order are the most entertaining or thought-provoking endeavors selected.

“A Stitch in Time”; Theatre Erindale has made it a habit of staging only Class “A” presentations. It’s beginning to feel that we are more publicity agents than critics of their efforts. A Stitch in Time‘s plot may have other iterations but the comedic aspect is clever enough to still capture an audience.

Sheridan's "HELLO DOLLY" cast

Sheridan’s “HELLO DOLLY” cast


Fina & Kelly; Grazie; merci; obrigado; gracias; thanks Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin
The vocally talented Emilio Fina and we Gaisin’s are kindred spirits in our dedication to culture. Emilio has tried to slow the decline of community opera; i.e. the non-C.O.C. aggregations. Alternatively, we have involved ourselves with media promotion, positive criticism and publication. Alas, the struggle seems a losing proposition. The K-W Opera is gone and last year saw the demise of Opera Hamilton. Yet there’s certainly enough money around for such circuses as the Pan Am games. Tenor Emilio seems to have thrown in the towel and gone over to the mainstream of pop.

Rachelle Kelly; Emilio Fina & Connie Smith...post-recital

Rachelle Kelly; Emilio Fina & Connie Smith…post-recital


Two Juliets; OMG & LOL Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin
Finally had an opportunity to visit the local franchise of YUK YUK’s ™ in order to observe the comedy of The Two Juliets and their guest ‘Fringe-ist’ Rebecca Perry. The venue; the performers and the guest artist made for a delightful evening.
YukYuk’s franchisee Gary Reed is also the proprietor of the “Anchor Bar” Cdn ver. 2.1; New York’s iconic oasis and Buffalo wings creator back in the day. Both the muse and I had some delightful meals and get-togethers at the original.

 Chalmers & McCabe-Bennett on YUK YUK's stage

Chalmers & McCabe-Bennett on YUK YUK’s stage


“Little Women”; spunky thespian opportunity Reply

Review by Terry GaisinreviewerETG

“Little Women” was the category that my husband insisted upon before accepting any blind dates. I guess being vertically challenged has its benefits too. Louisa M. Alcott wrote a novel back in 1868 about four sisters during the Civil War that was part of my pre-teen bibliography. The heroine is spunky Jo March. Watching the Sheridan Theatre performance, I kept thinking of the famous Mary Tyler Moore show episode where Editor Lou Grant states “You’ve got spunk – I HATE spunk”!

The March's & their neighbors of Concord Mass.; circa 1863

The March’s & their neighbors of Concord Mass.; circa 1863