“HAY FEVER”; bad for this critic’s allergies Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin
reviewerDGcolor                    A successful Noel Coward play and Cynthia Dale in a drawing room comedy; what could miss? How about the over-effeminizing of all the characters; even the females? How about over-posturing ad absurdum? How about overacting to the point of hamminess? Finally, why did director Alisa Palmer feel it is necessary to sledgehammer the point that families can be dysfunctional? Our nearest seatmate dozed off about 12 minutes after curtain and slept until intermission!

non-sneezibng hosts & guests of "HAY FEVER"

non-sneezing hosts & guests of “HAY FEVER”


“ALICE thru the Looking Glass”, @ Stratford Reply

Review by Terry GaisinreviewerETG

If you are a Crossword [or Jeopardy©] fan, Charles Dodgson was the real Lewis Carroll. His three fantasies became part of every child’s bookcase. Stratford director Jillian Kelley has opted for a consideration of the humorous aspects of the tale rather than the subtle philosophies of the original. Obviously aimed towards a young-ish audience, she still manages to include some props and situations that will tickle the parents or grand-parenting accompaniers.  Photo courtesy of Erin Samuell

Alice,  tea-partying with the gang from behind the mirror

Alice, tea-partying with the gang from behind the mirror


Valerie; Boris; and the N.A.O. Reply

Review by Judith CaldwellreviewerJudith
Last evening the Brott Music Festival presented one of those extraordinary concerts that made one glad to be an audience member who witnessed such finesse. The N.A.O. played achieved a new level of excellence so far this season and soloist, Valerie Tryon was brilliant.The concert began with Elgar’s’ Enigma Variations. It is a set of fourteen variations and is among his best known works.

Tryon greeting fans, post concert

Tryon greeting fans, post concert



Review by Danny GaisinreviewerDJG
                    The Wasserman/Leigh/Darion collaboration takes the story of Cervantes and the end 15th century Inquisition and puts all the drama into music. The theme song and such arias as “Little bird, little Bird”;” Dulcinea” and the touching “A little gossip” all have become standards even out of context. An appreciative director; a professional orchestra and a talented cast and the result can’t be anything BUT another Stratford hit.
Photo courtesy of  Michael Cooper

Ross; Hutton & Rooney - incarcerated

Ross; Hutton & Rooney – incarcerated


CRAZY FOR YOU, a super “Dancical” Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin
                    The bane of a writer is when one can‘t find the perfect word, noun or adjective, to describe something. Occasionally we create our own, hence, the banner-line! Stratford’s (& the directorial team of Donna Feore and Shelley Hanson) version of The Gershwin musical CRAZY FOR YOU is about as perfect an example of entertainment that this writer has ever enjoyed. Portent: – an O.A.R. TOP TEN certainty! From the opening pre-Nevada scene, Josh Franklin sings, dances and acts as though ‘Bobby Child’ is the man’s ‘inner child’.     Photo courtesy of Cylla Von Tiedemann

"CRAZY FOR YOU", cast members

“CRAZY FOR YOU”, cast members


Bloody Assizes; gutsy Brott! Reply

Review by Judith Caldwell
Sunday was the 200th Anniversary of the Ancaster Bloody Assizes which was celebrated at Fieldcote Museum with plays, speeches and an orchestral concert by the National Academy Orchestra as part of the Brott Music Festival. I thought I had arrived on site early but a play was in progress so I quietly erected my camp-chair & watched the sad demise of those hanged [hung?] after being found guilty of treason at the Bloody Assize. They did have a trial and not all were found guilty.

Brott; his 'sidearm' & some NAO musicians doing the "1812".

Brott; his ‘sidearm'; & some NAO musicians doing the “1812”.