“Sci-Fi (musical) Spectacular” Reply

Beam me up Scotty”; “May the force be with you”; “Live long and prosper”; ‘PHASERS on STUN’ – all words to live by, and contributed to the lexicon by science fiction movies and TV. The majority of these were accentuated by the background musical scores which also has become part of our cultural glossary. Many folks can’t recite the vowels WITHOUT resorting to the five communicating notes that were intrinsic to “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind!”.

trombonist Martin; trumpeter Larson sharing podium

trombonist Martin; trumpeter Larson sharing podium


“The Last Five Years”; powerful recap of a relationship Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin

Creative Writing 101 teaches that any article or missive must start with a ‘hook’ to capture a reader’s attention. Same goes for live theatre and Daemon’s director Carl Pucl’s take on the Jason Brown autobiography “THE LAST FIVE YEARS” exemplifies this dictate perfectly. From within the audience’s Stage-right entry of Cathy, to the egress by her partner, ‘Jamie’ on the opposite side; attention is grabbed and firmly held until curtain 90 minutes later.

He's looking to a future; she's looking at him...the basis of THE LAST FIVE YEARS

He’s looking to a future; she’s looking at him…the basis of THE LAST FIVE YEARS


“The Full Monty”, definitely worth SEEING Reply

Review by Danny GaisinreviewerDJG

When Terrence McNally’s movie ‘The Full Monty” was screened, it struck a chord with audiences and became a blockbuster hit. The addition of almost memorable music and clever lyrics by David Yazbek, plus a relocation of site from Sheffield to Buffalo and City Centre Musical Productions have a totally professional presentation displayed on the Meadowvale Theatre stage. CCMP delivers impeccable directing; totally proficient crew & technical contribution worthy of ‘downtown’. As for the on-stage performers, there is not a single weak link.

the FULL MONTY's  almost synchronized Striptease rehearsal

the FULL MONTY’s almost synchronized Striptease rehearsal


“GAME SHOW”; a show about a game show Reply

Review by Terry GaisinreviewerETG

The OAKVILLE PLAYERS choice of the Finn/Walton comedy “GAME SHOW” is a bit of a gamble. Game Show is about a live TV game show and is presented as an actual game show with contestants randomly selected from the audience. What if no one volunteers? What if a selectee fails to get into the spirit of things? What if the audience sits on their hands when the [APPLAUSE] light flashes? Fortunately, none of the above happened last night!

the cast/crew and winning contestants of "GAME SHOW"

the cast/crew and winning contestants of “GAME SHOW”


“RHINOCEROS”, it’s worth the trip to Waterloo Reply

Review by Danny GaisinreviewerDGcolor

When this scribe studied Eugene Ionesco’s ‘Rhinoceros’; my professor premised his lecture by stating that the story was allegorical, in spite of the writer’s insistence that such was not the intention. A tragicomedy in the theatre of the absurd style, it metaphorically equates the 1880’s far-right authoritarian political philosophies of Nietzsche & Dostoyevsky (Fascism) with any incremental philosophical or dogmatic change. The U-Waterloo Drama Faculty and director Martha Ross manage to present the play with subtlety yet impact. It’s a true gem.

the cast's first sighting of the RHINOCEROS!

the cast’s first sighting of the RHINOCEROS!


“Living Curiosities”, Theatre Erindale’s ver. 2.0 1

Review by Danny GaisinreviewerDJG

P.T. Barnum is the subject of Mary Vingoe’s “LIVING CURIOSITIES, OR WHAT YOU WILL” and insightfully tells the saga of his New York Circus Museum, circa 1864 through the eyes of Anna Swan, the eight foot tall Nova Scotian who was one of his ‘Freak Show’ displays. The intrigues, attitudes; relationships and personalities of Barnum as well as those of his abnormal oddities make for a provocative theatrical subject. Theatre Erindale; its director and cast ace such a demanding challenge. Photo by James Smagata