Tango Pasión – not your traditional dances Reply

Review by Eva Frank

Tango Pasión is a seasoned tango troupe that was created in 1982 by Mel Howard & Jose Libertella with choreographer Hector Zaraspe. They succeeded in creating a new and totally innovative tango spectacle. Tango Pasión started in a small theatre in Miami, and moved on to Broadway. Since then the group performed in USA, Europe, Middle East, Turkey, Russia, Libya, and Asia. Tango Pasión  is simply one of the best Argentinean tango performances to be seen today. This is not the traditional Argentinean tango that we are accustomed to seeing. The troupe performed at Ottawa’s National Arts Centre on Feb. 21st.

In this configuration the music is dramatic; the choreography employs fast footwork and muscular elegance all performed with speed and precision.

The most distinctive moves are quick kicks between each other’s legs and behind each other’s knees. Some flexes were so high that they were nearly at the head level of the dancers.

Aside from the superb dancing, the orchestra made remarkable music with piano, bass; drums, a violin and two squeezebox concertinas as their lead instruments. Vanina Sol Tagini had a powerful voice and sang several Spanish ballads. This was a fabulous evening of dance, theatre, and music.

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