Sandra Shamas- “Wit’s End III: Love Life” 1

Review by Sharon Letovsky
Returning to the stage for the final act of her Wit’s End trilogy; Sandra Shamas, the Sudbury, Ontario-born author of the famed 1980’s smash hit, My Boyfriend’s Back and There’s Gonna be Laundry, does it again.  How this woman, alone, devoid of props save a chair, a small table, glass of water and a fan, kept us in stitches for two solid hours is beyond the scope of my comprehension.
Sandra Shamas - stand-up excellence More…

Five at the 1st and some Composers’ Love-Lives Reply

Review by Judith Caldwell

The fourth concert in the series Five at the First featured Akemi Mercer, violin and Dirk Niewoehner, viola playing two duets for violin & viola plus a solo for each instrument.   Prior to each work Akemi amused us by telling something about each composers love life; none of it very salacious.
Our first composer was Bohuslav Martinu, a Czech who relocated in Paris to meet other musicians and then was forced to move to the United States when he fell afoul of the Nazis during World War II.  More…

H.P.O. does ‘ITALIAN’ Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin
               Nope, not cannoli’s or pizza; Mendelssohn’s no. 4; and damn, damn, damn – Sommerville’s erudite well-informed commentary notes in the program left me with little to add but opinion!
               Given the season, a performance of STABAT MATER is à propos; but truth-be-known; this particular Gentile holiday leaves me cold.

some HCC members - backstage


Happy Birthday Haydn; from the O.E. Reply

Review by Judith Caldwell

March 31st was the 280th anniversary of the birth of Joseph Haydn and on that date the Oakville Ensemble offered us Haydn’s ‘Seven Last Words’. This is a unique piece written by the profoundly religious Haydn to provide instrumental music for a Good Friday service, to be performed between meditations on Christ’s seven last utterances on the cross. This presentation included poetry readings between recent American transcriptions of each of Haydn’s nine musical interludes. More…