I’m now a ‘biker chick’ 1

Review by Terry Gaisin
                For almost a half-century I’ve been married to a teenager… (now a septuagenarian teenager) thus my life has been one of changes and eccentricity. From involvement with the Coast Guard Auxiliary; to deployment with CRC’s Disaster Services, to cautionary observance as my partner discovered motorized two-wheelers

Some CMC007 chapter-members socializing

First, it was his cherished ‘Vicky’; a 150cc Vespa™ scooter that he finally convinced me to reticently join in as we drove – full-bore (a measly 95kms/hr) along the 100+ highways like 403 & QEW.  In January at the Toronto Motorcycle Show, I sat on a used machine that was surprisingly comfortable. Before I could rescind my positive statement; we were owners of a Honda™ Shadow; an 1100cc beast with a top speed of 165 kms/hr! To hopefully get some more mature influence on said teenager; we joined the Hamilton branch of Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers. Yup, we’re now in a biker gang! This lady can add ‘biker chick’ to her résumé.
               We have our leathers; we have our matching helmets. BUT, before you get the wrong idea; our group is an eclectic collection of professional and semi-pros whose CV’s cover engineering; legal, bureaucratic, administrative and college-trained tradespeople, & serious University-degree’ed families. They are helpful to the ultimate and pedagogic without any patronization. Their cumulative experiences and emphasis on safety and sense of principle make them the kind of people anyone would want to have as part of one’s social circle. Foremost, they’re all mature and responsible; so ‘hopefully’ – a perfect influence on my muse.
               As an 84-chapter; 5,000 member group, we are dedicated to BADD (Bikers against drunk driving); & major promoters of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Our community receives support & generosity both individually as well as group-sponsored. The social aspect is non-pareil and an immediate sense of camaraderie is extended from the get-go. I’m still too nervous; and Danny too inexperienced with his overpowered toy to be his passenger; but – give it & him another month and I’ll probably be riding tandem on our ‘Harriet Honda’. Wave as we vroom by!
The National organization’s website can be found at canadianmotocyclecruisers.ca


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