Jesus; from a Jew/Gentile assessment 1

Review by Danny Gaisin

Hamilton’s WESTDALE UNITED CHURCH obviously concerns itself with its parishioners but also obliges the wider community…not to proselytize but to educate and enlighten. Its ‘Distinguished Visiting Speaker’ program attracts the most creative minds; even some that are not so-called mainstream. Last night’s guest was Rabbi Emeritus, Bernard Baskin who iterated for the five hundred audience, a thought-provoking yet factual elucidation of where; who and what Jesus stands for or really was to both his original people (us Jews); his early followers & apostles; and today’s one billion plus religionists.

Baskin knows his history and whatever facts are actually verifiable. Judaism, Christianity & even Islam share the same early history books, i.e. the Old Testament. Physical locales, routes and stopping places left as indelible mark as did the fossils of prehistoric times. So much so, that during Israel’s War of Independence (1948-49), biblical scholars were able to approximate locations of ancient oases for the fledgling IDF to bivouac. But, words & deeds were not so well engraved. Hence, interpretation, modification and theological amendments were made to overcome faulty dogmas. Jesus WAS Jewish; so were the gospel writers, and for three hundred years…his only converts. He may or may NOT have said his quotes; did or DID NOT do his miracles; was or WAS NOT actually a son-of-God. Thus, some doctrinal finagling became necessary. Did the Sun not set for Joshua…I don’t think so. Were the walls of Jericho disintegrated by trumpets…even Marsalis can’t replicate that! Methuselah’s age; Jonah’s encounter with Leviathan; David hitting Goliath in the head- doubtful, the nuts – maybe! But as Gershwin wrote; “it ain’t necessarily so”!

Religion is belief. We Jews, (some of us) are still waiting for a Messiah. Christians await His Second Coming. But, the world that J.C. promised, the Hebrew Scriptures advocated and the Koran desired all hope for love, peace and collaboration. Unfortunately, our psyches are such that what WE believe in is right, thus yours must intrinsically be WRONG. Baskin succinctly phrased it as an enigma, thusly “Precept vs. Practice”.

A fascinating and stimulating evening… Westdale United deserves credit for its audacious and open mindedness for staging such an evening & such a topic.

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  1. Dear Danny, Thanks for your insightful review and for joining us for the event at Westdale United. We have long served the community in offering challenging and topical speakers with a wide ecumenical and inter-faith forum. Our Distinguished Speaker Events are well attended. Recently, we hosted a weekend with the Giller Prize winning author David Adams Richards, who, among many themes also addressed his respect for Roman Catholic mysticism and their social justice and peace initiatives. In April, Author and United Church minister Gretta Vosper addressed the attendees on the issue of prayer in a launch of her latest book “Amen”.
    In the Fall of 2012, we invite the community to another book launch and dialogue with Rev. Dr. David Galston, philosopher and leader of the Snowstar Institute, closely aligned with the well-regarded Jesus Seminar. Dr. Brandon Scott, of the Seminar, will be another of our speakers in October of 2012.
    In the spring of 2013, we have booked a performance of Paul Winter’s “Missa Gaia”, which is performed every year in New York City to recognize Earth Day. This follows a year of book study and talks by our own United Church experts Alana Mitchell and Rev. Bruce Sangwin.
    These events are planned to be of contemporary interest to the community of Westdale, Hamilton, and the wider area. Many of our audience come from as far as Barrie, Peterborough and upper New York state. Everyone is welcome. To be on our e-mail list for our events, see our website
    Hope to meet you in person next time! Janet Kilgannon, Chair of the Council, Westdale United church.

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