The O.A.R. vacation-break ends Reply

Editorial by Terry Gaisin
 Like the rest of the world (read -normal folk), we scribes occasionally put down our pens and concentrate on the normalities of life. For this writer, meaning some gardening & refurbishing our home-grown fruits larder. Plus inclusion of such fun things as grass-cutting, weed-pulling, bush-trimming and lawn-edging…super fun!
 Our no. 1 critic – Danny; spent the past 2 weeks concentrating on preparations for the chasm-leap from M-1 (beginner-kid rated) licence to the Big Boy M endorsement; meaning that he  is considered competent enough to drive a full-fledged motorcycle & his ‘zero-tolerance’ restriction is removed!  Big deal for an almost-teetotaler. He’s also participating in a research study at McMaster’s Dept. of Kinesiology.
 So, now back to the grind (actually – enjoyment thereof) of SHAW and STRATFORD whose Festival entries have gleaned numerous TOP TEN accolades from  the Arts Review. Watch this space for our critical commentaries, and our thanks to those of our contributors who stepped in so that we could take a little respite.

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