Pearl Company’s ‘Canadian Theatre Festival’ Reply

Reviewed by Tony Kilgannon

Several months ago I attended an evening of plays at the Pearl Company, under the apt title of “HamilTEN”. The plays were short (about ten minutes each, as per the title)and were great fun. The pick of the litter, by ballot, was an entry by Ryan M. Sero; a comedic conflict about a quarrel between two hyper-polite snobs arguing over a piece of cheese. It was a riot, and I have been hoping to see more of this writer’s work.

Saturday night, once again at the same venue, I had my chance.  The Pearl Company’s Canadian Theatre Festival presented Sero’s “Romeo and Juliet, An Escapist Comedy

Mix Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” with Tom Stoppard’s “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead”, then pump it through Woody Allen’s sensibility, and you will get an idea of what to expect. The dialogue is witty, smart and hilarious, and delivered very snappily by all of the actors. This was an attention-grabbing and engaging production and it has me once again looking forward to more of Sero’s work.

The lead role was played by the author, and also onstage were Tyler Brent, Steve Siemens, Jessica Watson;  Kaitlyn McGee & Sean Emberley. There were no thespian weak links, nor a weak line in the play. Catch” R&J an EC” on Friday August 24th at 7:30 or Saturday 25th at a 3pm matinee.

For the full Canadian Theatre schedule and to view other events at the wonderful Pearl Company, see .

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