M.S.O. —’3′; O.A.R. —’0’… so, no concert review Reply

Oct. 14th, ‘12

For the second year, the Miss’a Symphony is holding auditioning concerts for a new conductor and again we were invited to attend all three. Last evening, on our arrival at the Living Arts Centre box office, there were no tickets arranged…Strike one!  Then, due to delays including the comp’s arriving one-at-a time we missed the guest’s opening comments; anthem and Eugene Onegin’s Waltz #24…Strike two. Then, contrary to our newspaper’s editorial policy, the orchestra’s G.M. would not permit any post-performance photograph opportunity…Strike three! The Arts Review team was retired. Sorry, Ms. Yan & Mr. Pronin; as well as to Paul Weston and the MSO musicians.

We allot approximately 600 words per article and the above is only 105 so here’s a chance to rant about the local radio scene.

CBC#1, this is our national broadcaster’s gift to the shut-ins or pathetically alone types, or even to those who need soporifics. Metronomically loquacious, the best that can be said is – if left on, burglars might be dissuaded for entering an ‘occupied’ home.

CFMX, Our new! [2006] format classical station taken over by the Zamazing creator of CITY & the Blue Movie fame. Nowhere near the original concept; between myriad commercial breaks it’s no more than Classical-LITE.

820 jokes   What used to be a super C & W format station has changed to brief stand-up comedy excerpts. Excerpts being the key word as they are simply interruptions between station slogans and even more commercials than the above!

CBC#2,  This used to be a classical station and still offers that genre from 9-2pm. Otherwise, pop and Cancon, jockeyed by the most verbose folks imaginable. Mayhaps they’re paid by-the-word!

So, what buttons are keyed on our radios – WNED in Buffalo. Erudite announcers; symphonies played in their entirety and except during fund-raisers…commercial free. So, If we could get rid of the escarpment’s interference, and the close power of C&W on 94.7, happiness!



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