Lincoln Alexander, our memories Reply

LINCOLN MacCAULEY ALEXANDER 1922-2012, personal memories

Linc & Terry –

A Burlington concert was the occasion of our first introduction to ‘Linc’ about eight years ago. Showing proper respect for his status we did not attempt to be too pushy or ingratiating. After subsequent such meetings, he seemed to desire that we pursue a more personal relationship. Naturally, we complied and soon learned about the man’s amazing sense of humor. No subject (except politics) was forbidden and his quick wit oftimes led to giggles. He was much taller, but I could speak more languages. He was more successful, but I was younger! We both hated B.S. He knew more people; I knew more dirty jokes. He was a baritone compared to my high tenor! We both instinctively knew we’d always be available to, and supportive of, each other.
There were many funny situations we shared…the autograph-signing debacle at St. Christopher’s; the disabled wheelchair fiasco at Hamilton Place; and of course, our infamous drag race along Main Street. All the personal one-liners we could get away with between ourselves.   When Linc started dating Marni, one of their first dinners together coincided with our forty-sixth anniversary that we celebrated by taking Linc’s recommendation as to a quality restaurant. Shakespeare’s was his favorite and for most of the meal, the four of us had the place to ourselves. It was a magical night abundant with good omens. Subsequent opportunities let us observe the affection they had for each other and the constantly warm and solicitous nature that epitomizes Marni. Their engagement, subsequent marriage, relocation and that marvelous 90th birthday party all reaffirmed how good she was for, and to, our friend. For this we will be eternally grateful.
On Friday we were invited guests at his funeral. We met and thanked so many important political, military, and financial titans for taking the time to show respect for our ‘Linc’. Most of the speakers, (except for ‘Pinball’ & Marni in that super video) referred to Linc as – the first Black this; Black that or Black other.
Funny, dear Linc; how come you never told me you were Black?  Rest in peace! We’ll all miss you.

 Danny & Terry

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