“LOVE TRAIN”…one hell of a fun trip! Reply

Review by Danny GaisinreviewerDJG

For the first half of the 20th century, popular recorded music required only notable music, clever lyrics and a voice to validate it. Post Korean War, with the advent and proliferation of T.V.; imagistic impression became intrinsic. Thus, costumes; choreography and special effects were an equal criterion. STAGE WEST’s director Tim French is a master of exhibiting performances that cleverly encompass all of these concepts. Photo by Ron Beintema




“MESSIAH”, performed by Oakville Ensemble Reply

Review by Judith Caldwell

Dec. 8th, ‘12

Oakville Ensemble’s fourth annual presentation of The Messiah took place on Saturday. The Ensemble is a small choir of 16 singers plus soloists and is led by Maestro Stephane Potvin.  Sometimes they sing a capella but this evening they were accompanied by a nine piece orchestra of strings, trumpets, continuo and timpani.

The Oakville Ensemble in  performance

The Oakville Ensemble in performance


“Forever Plaid –Tidings”, fluff but fun! Reply

Review by Danny GaisinreviewerDJG

Twenty-two years ago, Stuart Ross created an off-Broadway musical that tribute-ed the young male groups of the fifties…Four Aces; ‘Tops’; 4 Freshmen, etc. The almost negligent plot told us the quartet were heading for their first major gig when their vehicle was T-boned by a bus taking young schoolgirls to the 1st Beatles appearance on Ed Sullivan. Scratch the 4 Plaids. The ‘Big Guy’ gives the foursome a one-day ‘Get out of Heaven, free’ -pass to put on that ill-fated concert! The musical went ‘main-stream’.

Smudge,Sparky,Frankie & Jinx - the PLAIDS

Smudge,Sparky,Frankie & Jinx – the PLAIDS


Their name says it all… Reply

Review by Tony Kilgannon
Dec. 4th, ‘12

Some things become traditions. In my family, the yearly “Magic ’N Miracles” show has definitely made that leap- I wouldn’t miss it.  I’m an admitted lover of magic, as I have written here before, and have seen quite a number of good illusionists over the years. I’ve never seen a more satisfying and entertaining show than this one.

Teresa & Murray...the M 'n M's

Teresa & Murray…the M ‘n M’s


PROFESSIONALS…it pays to patronize them! Reply

Ron doing the final safety-check

Ron doing the final safety-check

Opinion by Danny Gaisin

Dec. 2nd, ‘12

Recently, our treasured (especially for guys) Canadian Tire® store had a significantly reduced sale on trailer hitches. According to the salesman, installation of same was about a ‘two-wrench’ (out of five) job. So, with a pair of my motorcycle cruising club troops we attempted to attach the item to my SUV. Failure!
A trip to the local HITCH FACTORY on Dartnall Road proved fortuitous. Eighteen minutes later; including being bothered & kibitzed by yours truly…the hitch was an integral part of the vehicle. More…

The Kruger Brothers – in concert locally Reply

Review by Tony KilgannonreviewerTony2

Like a sun coming up over a morning horizon; the words “KRUGER BROTHERS” have lately been looming into view in my little world. The buzz around this music trio has become very loud, and the people for whom I have the most respect musically, are the people who have been most enthusiastic about these guys. Their recognition by the ‘Blue Ridge’ category is but one of the accolades this trio have received.

Kruger Brothers