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Review by Tony Kilgannon
Dec. 4th, ‘12

Some things become traditions. In my family, the yearly “Magic ’N Miracles” show has definitely made that leap- I wouldn’t miss it.  I’m an admitted lover of magic, as I have written here before, and have seen quite a number of good illusionists over the years. I’ve never seen a more satisfying and entertaining show than this one.

Teresa & Murray...the M 'n M's

Teresa & Murray…the M ‘n M’s

This is what I imagine the allure of Vaudeville was all about; live entertainers with unique talents kicking butt right there in front of you, responding to your applause, tickling your fancy, making you hold your breath with excitement, working you into tears of laughter, shaking your head at your seatmate while you mouth the words “OH MY GOD” or “HOLY S*#T!
Murray Hatfield is the central performer as well as the organizer of the tour, which crosses Canada and stops in Hamilton each year. The show’s website claims that Hatfield and his partner Teresa have entertained more Canadians than any illusionists in history, and I’m sure it’s true. They tour globally and headline in the biggest venues in the business, for good reason.
Hatfield‘s grand, puzzling illusions form the anchor of the evening. I’m always amazed, and thoroughly confused; I know that a woman can’t disappear before my eyes, or float in thin air, and yet, she does!  Each year there are guest entertainers; people with incredible resumes, and long lists of prizes and accolades. Last night there were two performers, the dazzling magician and prestidigitator Christopher Hart, and the hilarious juggler Michael Goudeau. I’d have happily watched either of them all night. They were both brilliantly talented and both side-splittingly funny. And it’s always like that. Every year, I hope that the guests from last year are repeated, but every year it’s a whole new set. The cycle continues, with me going home a happy man and hoping that this group is back again next year! It’s about the highest compliment that any audience member can pay.
The show is moving across the country, but there are three shows in the area at St. Catharine’s on Dec. 6th, – check the website. And if you can’t make it, consider next year, in November/December when the new tour comes.
This is family entertainment of the highest order. The tour raises funds for a long list of charities, so you’ll feel satisfied in more ways than one. There have been times when I have left the building feeling guilty that I saw such a great show and paid so little. Ta-da!

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