Zen and the ambiance of winter trade shows Reply

Review by Harold & Marge EdwardsReviewer Edwards

From a practical point, displaying the basics or even the accoutrements of such summer activities as boating, cottage life or motorcycling seems to make no commercial sense. However, given the psyche of aficionados of these past-times, two aspects are served. First, the anticipatory attitude primes one to make purchases- necessary or just wishful; and it also provides a welcome break from the blahs!

Marge daydreaming on a potential new bike!

Marge daydreaming on a potential new bike!

We’ve been attending the International Motorcycle Show in for many years. Same old, same old, BUT, it’s a social event; an idea prompter and usually a chance to save some dinero given the sales pricing widespread throughout the event. Exhibitors want to get contracts signed even if delivery may be four months or longer later; merchandisers want to see their inventories turned into cash and planting or seeding ideas is a basic concept of successful business.
We looked at another bike; bought some fancy embroidered jerseys; purchased commemorative Tees of some Friday 13th’s gone by and checked out such accessories as helmet-mounted cameras and air-horn blasters. Also visited the custom bikes covered in bling and creative artwork. We also picked up brochures that tease one with new and as yet unexplored touring areas. Most important, we met interesting and similarly inclined people thus increasing our bike-riding list of personal contacts.

Summary …not much new or innovative but novel and fun. A welcome break from inclement weather and a teasing reminder that there’s only ninety days until we leave on a cruising/riding holiday and back just-in-time for the start of bike season!
Happy & safe riding!

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