Rainer Hersch & the HPO- ‘shtick’ but no sticks 2

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reviewer_DannyNov. 15th, 2009   “Conductor/arranger/performer/writer Rainer Hersch is a knowledgeable and highly talented musician. What Victor Borge did for (and to) the piano; Stan Freburg to many pop songs of the fifties; and Anna Russell to Wagner’s Ring Cycle- Hersch does to all classical music. He also destroys every preconception about the orchestra, its sections and its instruments. A learning opportunity- hardly; a comedic instance –CERTAINLY. I actually was concerned about peeing in my pants!”

The above intro paragraph is what this journalist opined about Rainer Hersch’s last visit with the Hamilton Philharmonic. Last night; more of the same except that London (the other one) and Beethoven plus Mozart were the subjects for his clever barbs.

Sutherland toasting the audience with her bottle of 'gargle'

Sutherland toasting the audience with her bottle of ‘gargle’


“GYPSY”, by Steppin’ Out Theatre Reply

Review by Tina Gaisin


We knew we were in for a great Broadway evening! Gypsy’s origins are based on the memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee- a famous 50’s striptease artist!  The original music was by Jule Styne with lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and based on the book by Arthur Laurents.  This play adaptation focuses on Gypsy’s mother- Rose, who is the ultimate “Show Business bossy Mom”!

the future GYPSY learning about 'gimmicks' from the older strippers

the future GYPSY learning about ‘gimmicks’ from the older strippers


“Wife after Death”; something for [almost] everyone 1

Review by Danny Gaisin
If you are the type of person who recalls-mirthfully, the famous ‘Chuckles the Clown’ episode from the 70’s Mary Tyler Moore Show; or the ‘Dropping the urn’ installment from “Wings”; you’ll certainly get a giggle or three out of Act I. And if you are the sort of mature person who appreciates clever twists and surprises; Act II of the Oakville Players staging of Eric Chappell’s WIFE AFTER DEATH will definitely have an impact. We enjoyed watching it from both points of view!   Photo courtesy of Janet Bedford

l-r: Oughtred,Stockwell,Raitt,Morawiec,Laszcz,Elkaim & "Dave"

l-r: Oughtred,Stockwell,Raitt,Morawiec,Laszcz,Elkaim & “Dave”


Macbeth; Erindale’s different (& confusing) take 1

Review by Terry GaisinreviewerTerryEdits

               “A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury…signifying nothing” …Definitely NOT an apt description of Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy written circa 1605 at the time of King James I. Avarice, ambition, covetousness, and desire  are intrinsic to all mankind except the saints!
The setting is Scotland and England a thousand years ago. Photo courtesy of Jim Smagata – UTM

Gillis &  Fawcett - The bloody MACBETHS

Gillis & Fawcett – The bloody MACBETHS


Editorial notice to our readers and subscribers -2nd request! Reply

Our website provider displays the number and subjects that are brought to our website via Search engines. We receive approximately six daily requests about booking or scheduling information for Hamilton’s theatre aquarius.
For the past three years our ARTS REVIEW has not been on that institution’s list of accredited Media. So, if you happen to be interested in whatever they’re staging – we suggest you call them directly or look them up in other press publications.

 E. Terry Gaisin

The ‘Who’s’ TOMMY, by CCMP…very downtown! 1

Review by Danny Gaisin

During the mid-sixties, the London quartet ‘The WHO’ had a string of top-selling albums including the 1969 TOMMY- a collection of songs about a pinball-playing boy. Pete Townshend, who played guitar & did the vocals, got together with director/composer Des McAnuff to turn the record into a rock musical. Opening in 1992 at McAnuff’s La Jolla Playhouse, it was an immediate success and earned Tony™ awards for both creators as well as some of the performing cast-members.
For CITY CENTRE MUSICAL PRODUCTIONS to undertake staging such a challenging enterprise takes mettle, and a director who can grasp the almost religious allegorical message subtly intrinsic in the plot.

Tommy #2 brings out TOMMY 3 from a pinball machine

Tommy #2 brings out TOMMY 3 from a pinball machine