Summer’s coming…, Reply

Summer’s coming, so – [PLAN Ahead]

Preview by Danny GaisinreviewerDGcolor

Yup, the solstice horribilus seems to be over. The buds are budding and the birdies are doing their birdie things. So, dear readers, let’s ‘plan ahead’ for our cultural summer, i.e. SHAW, the Toronto Fringe; STRATFORD & the Brott Festival.

In recognition of Brott’s being invited to conduct this month before Pope Francis, let’s mention the BROTT FESTIVAL’s line-up first. June will have Beethoven’s 9th; Valerie Tryon; an all-day Brandenburg banquet with 4pm & 7pm sessions on the 29th. July brings us a Michael Jackson tribute;  Scheherazade; an evening of tango & bolero (Ravel’s ???), the over-exposed on CBC-1: – Kaeshammer; Tchaikovsky’s favorites and a match-up of Last Night/Proms vs.  Gilbert & Sullivan. August has AIDA, some Gershwin; “Broadway Heroes” and Mahler’s 8th (cast of 1,000’s)

Something inviting; something exciting, something for everyone

The new season at STRATFORD conveys drama; music, comedy and some ‘pop’ stuff. Romeo & Juliet (the Willy’ not Lenny, version) Merchant of Venice; Tommy; The 3 Musketeers (Dumas, not Mickey ‘D’); Blythe Spirit;  Fiddler (biddy biddy bum); Othello; Measure for Measure; Mary Stuart, and the Festival also gives us ‘Taking William Shakespeare’ & ‘The Thrill”.

Something inviting; something exciting, something for everyone


            Jackie Maxwell and company, aka SHAW of NOTL, delivers Runyon’s ‘Guys and Dolls’; Light in the Piazza; “Peace in our Time” (a comedy ???); Enchanted April (chicks breaking loose); Major Barbara (another bossy chick); Lady Windermere’s fan; Trifles; “The Faith Healer” and ‘Our Betters’. Also, something new to us – Arcadia.  Shaw rarely let’s down its patrons (no wonder 45% of the cars are plated USA!) so she, and they too, offer …

            “Something inviting; something exciting, something for everyone

Unless a biggie anniversary and a jury-duty recall screws up our plans; we; and our stalwart team will again cover about three dozen of Toronto’s FRINGE FESTIVAL. Who knows, maybe Hamilton’s version will have an administration change and we’ll even critique its 26 or so entries!  In any case, book your tickets; enjoy as many as time & $$$ allow; and REMEMBER…never rely on reviews before making a decision…we’re just regular folks too!


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