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On advice from counsel, I respectfully . . . etc.” from the 1950’s televised House Un-American Activities interrogations to today’s ‘Law & Order’ episodes; these words are part of our lexicon. Recently, in response to a laid charge after a minor accident, our lawyer suggested we’d be better served by a professional paralegal. So, with both a referral and “on advice from counsel “, we took our case to Hamilton’s Traffic & Court Services, or T&CS!

Bruce & Denise; preparing for court

Bruce & Denise; preparing  a defense;

Bruce and Denise Parsons have been married for twenty-six years and have two children.  Fifteen years ago, after a career as an instrument mechanic; Bruce undertook a College paralegal degree and joined T&CS in 2007. He plus office manager Denise, now own the firm and with a staff of five handle between one thousand and 1100 cases annually, with a success rate of over 95%!
Not only does the organization receive referrals from satisfied clients; they are also recommended by a couple of Burlington Law offices as well as another ½-dozen highly respected legal corporations here in Hamilton.  In anticipation of continued growth, they have structured an annual 3 to4 paralegal-interns programme as part of their operation.
The team’s strong sense of community is reflected in its support and sponsorship of ‘Dog
Adoptions’; CITY KIDZ; the Old-timers Hockey Association; and Asperger’s/Autism Day at Oshweken Raceway!  Corporately, Bruce is a past president of the Paralegal Society of Ontario. His chairmanship coincided with the initial stages of Provincial legislation, and he also sits on the Board of Humber College’s Paralegal diploma programme. Culturally, he and his firm have undertaken to be one of the sponsors of the Ontario Arts Review.

In Shakespeare’s Henry 6th, a character states “The 1st thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers” [Act V scene II]. Even the Bard knew of the benefits of a paralegal!

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