Stage West, some HEARTBREAKING NEWS Reply

 by Danny & Terry Gaisin

Our friend Muhammed Huq, general manager of Mississauga’s STAGE WEST THEATRE confirmed that one of our favorite local venues, and a vibrant opportunity for many of the young graduates in theatre arts; will close for good on June 30th. Last week our newspaper published a glowing critique of both the delectable buffet and the site’s latest presentation – ‘GAME SHOW’. The thought of facing the 2013-14 theatre season without the five offerings at Stage West has hit this newspaper and its staff like a sucker-punch.

HAPPY(ier) DAYS at Stage West

HAPPY(ier) DAYS at Stage West

               Through Mo’s and Laurie’s warm & passionate interest in the Stage West concept; we’ve met such terrific people as Lorette Swit; Bernie Kopell; Cindy Cohn; Jamie Farr; Nancy Osborne and Lou Cutell.  Locally, we were afforded the opportunity to reconnect with actors like Michael Lamport, Saccha Dennis and Michael Therriault. So many Sheridan graduates were given the opportunity to professionally strut their stuff before the Stage West footlights. We were always positive about the musical contributions of Antony Bastianon, plus the creativity of Reimer; Ulrich The social opportunities to schmooze with such counterparts as Mark-Andrew Lawrence; Richard Ouzouniun; Gary Smith, Michael Posner etc. before settling down to critique is, and was, a rare break in protocol.

The memories will remain not only in our O.A.R. archives, but in our personal reminiscences as well. We’ll always cherish those post-curtain cast get-togethers; the delightful meals & the wait staff who would warmly recognize us; and especially introducing ourselves to the devoted subscribers we would begin to identify; and vice –versa.  Like a mental collage; CATS; Boeing, Boeing; VIAGRA FALLS; Happy Days; TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE; Love Train; Joseph and his coat; SHIRLEY VALENTINE; Divorce Party; and being aboard “THE LOVE TRAIN”, plus plus plus  – are ingrained in both our minds. We thank you all for those nostalgic times …we’ll miss you!

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