The SEILER TRIO; From Darkness to Light Reply

Review by Judith Caldwell

reviewer_JudithThe Seiler Trio, consisting of Angela Park: piano, Mayumi Seiler– violin, and cellist Rachel Mercer played an evening of Mozart, Piazzolla and Schubert, sponsored by Kamran International Inc. The evening began with a young piano student, Artur Kapron playing Prelude in G sharp minor by Sergei Rachmaninoff.  Mr Kapron is focussing on piano performance and is studying with Alexei Gulenco.  His performance of this short but challenging work was very confident and he allowed the different tones and colours to be expressed guilelessly.

The Seiler Trio

The Seiler Trio

               The Seiler Trio then took the stage for the Piano Trio in G major K496 by Mozart; a work in three movements.  Park led into the opening Allegro which flowed with ease and good humour.  Ms. Mercer had said that it reminded her of a walk in the country; this walk sometimes positively sashayed along quite joyfully. The allegro was followed by a stately andante which included a lovely cello line and then came the lively allegretto of theme and variations which was mostly playful, but also had an operatic sounding section which was quite sad.  The three musicians, each of who have experience both as soloists and ensemble players, clearly enjoy playing together displaying perfect timing and blending.
The first half of the program was rounded out by two works by tango king Astor Piazzolla.  The first piece was called Oblivion and was a dark, passionate slow tango and the second, Primavera, was faster and more syncopated with a very percussive piano.  Both were great fun and brought us to intermission in a happy mood.
The final work of the evening was Piano Trio in E flat major of Franz Schubert, a long piece (50 minutes) in four parts.  It opens with a dramatic allegro that build expectations of good things to come.  The following Andante is full of longing with a plaintive song-like melody on the cello heard against the strumming of the violin.  The scherzo is playful, lilting but quite brief, followed by the final movement which begins joyfully then moves to intense drama and back again… almost around in circles.
The standard of musicianship in these series of concert is very high and it is nice to note the dedicated audience and the increase in sponsorship.  Both are deserved. The 2013/2014 season has been announced and begins on Saturday, September 14th.
Details of the entire season may be found at http://www.5atthefirst.weebly,com.

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