Stage West: – a “SHOUT” & a whimper Reply

Review by Danny GaisinreviewerDGcolor

The term ‘Bittersweet’ is just about as oxymoronic as it gets, but attending our foreseeably final evening at Stage West’s cabaret theatre, it was sweet…and it was bitter. Walking through the halls between box office and theatre entrance, the visiting celebs’ photographs that we had met, socialized with, critiqued and enjoyed seem to look especially sombre for a P.R. shot!

The Phil George/ David Lowenstein creation – “SHOUT”, has virtually no plot.

the girls of 'SHOUT'

the girls of ‘SHOUT’


“Hotel Solstice” An inaugural fundraiser Reply

Review, by Tina Gaisin

reviewer_Tina_G“Hotel Solstice”, Shadowpath Theatre Productions first annual charity fundraiser was a tremendous success! Charitable receipts were given and money was raised for Shadowpath and Markham Youth Theatre.  Not only did they fill the room, but they used every space on the first floor of Aloft Hotel Vaughan, who donated its space, to its advantage.   The evening started with the Deputy Mayor of Vaughan – Gino Rosati giving a brief speech and presenting a plaque to Alex Karolyi of Shadowpath; then a ribbon cutting along with Rosati, Alex Karolyi and Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco.

Bander Welle; Karolyi &  Ballard - the creative team

Bander Welle; Karolyi & Ballard – the creative team


“The Space between Us”, a Terpsichorean treat 2

Review by Tina Gaisinreviewer Tina G
               During the Toronto Jazz Festival, tucked away in the Distillery District on the third floor  of the Dancemakers Centre for Creation was a wonderful evening filled with wine tasting, wonderful food, friendly people,  silent auction.  The show, by Tziporah Productions started  with a lone piano player then a beautiful narrator, light  and dance through space and time using lights, shadows different heights and mediums to make us feel that through a narrator (storyteller) a colourful picture painted about the not only the galaxy but the universe.

Tzipora dance c orps

Tziporah dancers


The 9th; the N.A.O.; & the BPAC: smashing! (almost) 15

Review by Danny Gaisin

Listening to Beethoven’s greatest composition – the 1824 Ninth Symphony in D-minor is just over an hour’s worth of undeniable ‘time well spent’. It has everything; melody, tempi, creative instrumentation, imagery, poetry, and vocals…hence “The Chorale”.  I have about four different versions in my musical appreciation room, i.e. finished Basement! It always seems to project something new. The opening 2013 Brott Festival presentation managed to add another dimension.

The NAO; choirs & soloists amazing the BPAC audience

The NAO; choirs & soloists amazing the BPAC audience


Kudos to Hamilton’s Brotts; well-deserved 3

Review by Terry Gaisin

reviewer_TerryPaul Simon wouldn’t have dreamed of it; Neil Diamond – never. Natalia Makarova couldn’t imagine going ‘on-pointe’ and Led Zeppelin remained on their trio of tushes during tributes at the Kennedy and Lincoln Centres. But not our Boris!  As this year’s Hamilton J.N.F. Negev Dinner honouree; Maestro Brott rather than being entertained; left his co-recipient Ardyth at the head table and took to the podium to delight those of us in attendance by conducting the National Academy Orchestra.

The Brotts receiving a plaque from the J.N.F. & event officers

The Brotts receiving a plaque from the J.N.F. & event officers

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“Carousel”; good enough to make us care Reply

Review by Anita Flegg

reviewer Anita

For today’s airport-savvy travelers, the definition of carousel is the gadget that takes interminably long to display one’s luggage. In the forties when Rogers & Hammerstein created their Broadway play…everyone knew it meant only a merry-go-round.  CAROUSEL is an odd musical; whose second act is perhaps more understandable to its early—post war—audiences in 1945. Today, the idea of our protagonist coming back from Heaven for one more shot at redemption seems a little dated, and perhaps a little too pat. Nevertheless, this is a solid production, with good enough acting to make us care about the characters and events that unfold. Photo courtesy of Alan Dean

the carousel from "CAROUSEL"

the carousel from “CAROUSEL”