Ensemble Made In Canada; debut CD release 1

Review by Judith Caldwell

Editor’s note.  Our ARTS REVIEW does not make a habit of publishing articles about a CD launch or other commercial enterprise That’s reserved for our advertising section and the $$$ it earns.  Ms. Mercer and her team will be an exception!

               Ensemble Made in Canada is a quartet of superb musicians each of whom has established herself as outstanding in her field.  Angela Park, piano, has won numerous awards world-wide and currently teaches at Indiana University.

The talented quartet of ENSEMBLE...

The talented quartet of ENSEMBLE…


‘LEGALLY BLONDE’, gleans a standing ovation 3

Review by Anita Flegg
reviewer_AnitaThe opening scenes of Orpheus productionsLEGALLY BLONDE” appear silly and saccharine, and we cringe; but Wait! It’s all part of the plan. The show opens with Elle Woods, our blonde from the title, showing her shallow cheerleader/party girl side, but we soon learn that there is much more to Elle than first appears. The plot, similar to the movie of the same name, tells her story as she changes her life completely with the goal of reclaiming the man she loves.

Legally Blonde photo

The undergrads of ‘LEGALLY BLONDE’


“A Funny Thing Happened”; on the bus & @ the Forum… 2

Review by Taylor Korolenchuk


A funny thing happened on the way to school, one day. I hopped on the bus; said hello to the bus driver, and plopped my rear-end on one of the front seats. Between then and the time I arrived at school, I was offered the chance to dip my toes into something new: performing arts reviews. A month later I walked into the foyer of the West Wing of Ancaster High School holding a pen and paper, but not on the way to my usual English class.

The folks of Rome, circa 175BC; according to the Theatre Ancaster players

The folks of Rome, circa 175BC; according to the Theatre Ancaster players


♫ Bye Bye Birdie ♪; Still talks to celebratory idolization 3

Review by Tina Gaisinreviewer_Tina_G
Steppin’ Out Theatrical Productions is presenting” BYE BYE, BIRDIE”, the 1960 musical-take on Presley & the Viet-Nam Draft. Last night was the opening… as with all of the Steppin’ Out’s efforts, this reviewer was excited to see how and what would be their take on this production!
We were in for a treat, the audience was toe tapping and singing along!  The play and hero’s original name was Conway Twitty without the creators realizing there is a singer with that name.

Conrad Birdie 'wow-ing his teenaged fans

Conrad Birdie ‘wow-ing his teenaged fans


“NUMBERS”, tattooed on arms; like cattle branding 6

Review by Danny Gaisin
Disclaimer- this writer is a lousy dancer and like most ‘dog-in-the-manger’ males thus circumvents critiquing dance of any kind. However, I DID witness one Toronto Fringe 2012 entry strictly because of its subject matter. I was astonished at what I saw and stunned by my reaction. The following was what we then wrote: –

“NUMBERS”  @ Factory Theatre
Kokus Productions & director Lukas Press have a definite contender for Best of Fringe in this large dance-oriented emotional story of the Holocaust.

Halina, her parents; Gentile friends and her Nazi adversaries

Halina, her parents; Gentile friends and her Nazi adversaries


“Murder by the Book”, local playwright, local production Reply

Review by Terry GaisinreviewerETG
                    The teaser states: – “Farcical Whodunit”; soooo … we know the butler did it.  But Mat Kelly’s MURDER BY THE BOOK has no butler! Waterdown’s Village Theatre is staging this cutesy bit of fluff until Nov. 30th and it’s a delightful escape from the usual pap on T.V. Director Sherry Wells and her six-member cast romp through the clues; stereotypes and red herrings. The character interpretations may be a little heavy-handed and the comedic repostes telegraphed; hey earn  guffaws anyhoo.

the protagonists/antagonists of "MURDER by the BOOK"

the protagonists/antagonists of “MURDER by the BOOK”