5 at the 1st – #3, with guest Caitlin Muller 1

Review by Judith CaldwellreviewerJudith
               Quartet Atlantik is so named because violinist Akemi Mercer,  and her husband Dirk Niewoehner, viola, live and work in Germany while her sister Rachel Mercer, cello, and Rachel’s partner Yehonatan Berick  live  & work in Canada.  Rehearsal times are tough to arrange.
Last evening’s concert, the third in the 5 @ the First series, opened with a special guest, Caitlin Muller, playing Felix Mendelssohn’s Prelude Op.104 No2 in B flat minor for piano.

the Quartet Atlantik musicians

the Quartet Atlantik musicians


SHEN YUN, ‘Divine’, by name & by execution! 2

Review by Terry GaisinreviewerETG
                    “Knee How” or, translated from the Mandarin – hello; and to all our readers, a ‘Happy & healthy year of the horse!’
It’s been six years since we first had the opportunity to witness the incredible talents of China’s minority spiritual discipline. The Falun Dafa’s revival of a 5,000-year old artistic archetype though it’s amazing performance group – SHEN YUN. Impacting back in 2008, Shen Yun 2014 is even more impressive and flawless in execution and audience amazement

SHEN YUN's interpretation of the 'Descent of the Deities'

SHEN YUN’s interpretation of the ‘Descent of the Deities’


O.A.R.’s “THE TOP TEN”, 2013 Reply

Selected by Staff & Admin.

Lucky13th time; the ninth as our own publishers,  acknowledging those events of 2013 that – to our minds were paramount. Selections are based on impact- whether amusing, educational or thought-provoking to the audience.  This past year, illness reduced (for the 1st time) the number of events attended to just under 200. Herewith our editorial team’s selections in calendar order

the cast of THE PYJAMA GAME

the cast of THE PAJAMA GAME