Back to School, some safety recommendations 1

by Danny & Terry ‘G’

It’s that time of year when parental regimen changes. Prep shopping is complete lunch menus re-calculated; and the alarm-clock re-set for “Get ‘em up; move ‘em out.”School bus drawingHere are a few hints that just might make a little difference –safety-wise!

  • Plan on having the kids fully prepared for departure; especially if they are being picked up by a School bus . . . 5 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. There’s always something that’s a last minute scramble.
  • Make sure the backpack isn’t heavier or larger than its carrier!
    Remember that most school Boards do NOT permit finishing breakfast on the bus. The reason is potential allergies among the other kids, plus eating while moving can cause nausea.
  • Make sure you child has at least one hand free to hold the grabrail while entering or exiting. If he or she is taking something extra along – temporarily put it in the backpack.
  • Explain the importance of staying seated while the bus is moving, and if the unit has seatbelts; secure and keep them tight.
  • Remind the kids that while on the bus, it’s just like being in class; the driver and his or her words must be followed.
  • Don’t forget to advise the Board or the Bus Company if Janie or Johnny won’t be going to school; or doesn’t need to be brought home. Pre-knowledge is a definite precautionary advantage.


Together with the School’s teachers & E.A.’s; the local Board and the transportation’s professional drivers working together with the parents: – the trip both to and back from school can be a pleasant social occasion for all.


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