A serious political recommendation Reply

Editorial Opinion by Terry Gaisin
The ONTARIO ARTS REVIEW’s mandate is to promote and critique (positively if possible) things cultural. During our nine years of existence, it has been a rarity for us to venture away from this mandate…especially into the realm of politics.
However, there are certain circumstances where we feel it is meet to exercise our position as Canadians; members of our Province and interested parties within our extended community. We live in Hamilton, but as part of the GTHA, what happens within our protracted society becomes important – for us and our readers.

Terry & ANN; celebrating Canada Day in Bronte

Terry & ANN; celebrating Canada Day in Bronte

Even when we lived in Burlington, our lives seemed to revolve around Oakville. We became personally familiar with our Municipal; Regional; Provincial and Federal politicians. These men and woman impressed us and gleaned our respect for their attitudes. Of all of these: – one stood out as exemplifying what everyone hoped for in a politician.
ANN MULVALE epitomizes everything one looks for in a representative. Her sincerity is absolute. The respect she’s earned from counterparts; colleagues and adversaries alike comes from her genuineness and a devotion to whatever responsibility she undertakes. Her religious belief (especially the Golden Rule & 10 Commandments) is not just ‘lip service’; but her mantra.

The voters of Oakville’s Ward 5 have an opportunity. Re-deploy the biggest asset the Town had during her previous administrative periods. We promise – on oath – that there will be no regretting casting a ballot for our  ♪ Annie ♪ !

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