Two Juliets; OMG & LOL Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin
Finally had an opportunity to visit the local franchise of YUK YUK’s ™ in order to observe the comedy of The Two Juliets and their guest ‘Fringe-ist’ Rebecca Perry. The venue; the performers and the guest artist made for a delightful evening.
YukYuk’s franchisee Gary Reed is also the proprietor of the “Anchor Bar” Cdn ver. 2.1; New York’s iconic oasis and Buffalo wings creator back in the day. Both the muse and I had some delightful meals and get-togethers at the original.

 Chalmers & McCabe-Bennett on YUK YUK's stage

Chalmers & McCabe-Bennett on YUK YUK’s stage

Standing in front of that ubiquitous brick wall; Franny McCabe-Bennett & Meghan Chalmers are a frenetically-paced and highly animated duo. Their patter subjects flow deals with on-line dating, I-phones; interviews and sex. The presentation detours tangentially (comparable to my conversations with Mme. Editor) and is highly sprinkled with “I’m like” etc… the lexicon of today’s hip teens & twenty-ish. Referencing their name, we receive a modified (read bastardized) take on the Act II, scene two dialogue from Shakespeare’s tragedy. Even a non-Eng. Lit. major will appreciate the humorous creativity of their take of the original.
Both ladies rely heavily on facial expressions but overlook pauses for moments of extended audience laughter. They are not isolated from their audience, but focus is definitely symbiotic. Rebecca Perry is something different. She’s the epitome of L.A.-style stand-up; quick repartee and a pleasant vocal knack without resort to paraphrasing. Her monologues (traditionally) are self-denigrating but never harsh. She’s more a Bette Midler than a Phyllis Diller.
Yuk Yuk’s operates in a cabaret-style arrangement with a sampling menu of items from downstairs’ main kitchen – it’s open Wednesdays (improv.) Fridays and Saturdays.     Caveat: -if there is a major event across the street at Hamilton Place… Y.Y. is S.R.O. Now, a brief hint to said Gary Reed: -how about an invite to critique your Anchor Bar for our O.A.R.

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