“You say tomato, I say Shut up!” – loving, farting & bickering Reply

Review by Danny GaisinreviewerDJG
Journalism 101: – “Only write about things you know”. American literary celebs Gurwitch & Kahn created a comedic insightful look at their own marriage; its pitfalls, achievements and most of all – differing interpretations. What could be more rational for Galahad Productions’ director Yo Mustafa than to recruit an actual husband/wife pair to portray the protagonists? Pudgy & Michael Quast are an inspired choice to define and depict the Kahn relationship as well as just about every marriage that lasts at least a decade. Our own included!

Annabelle & Jeff (the Quasts) celebrating their 'naugahyde' anniversary [10th]

Annabelle & Jeff (the Quasts) celebrating their ‘naugahyde’ anniversary [10th]

For about ninety intense minutes, audiences at the LAC are exposed to some tough-love realities that men and women are not only physically different; we think differently too. Our interpretations, memories and emphasis are diametric. So- an interesting sidebar is watching which sex applauds after certain bon mots or articulations. This scribe was the recipient of at least three elbow jabs after distaff points were made by Pudgy aka ‘Annabelle’.
The plot and stage set is a hopefully special tenth-anniversary dinner. She’s late, he’s horny and the two converse in three languages; girl-talk; guy-talk and monologues addressed to the audience. All thee vernaculars are deliciously presented and in many cases – too close to home to be anything but cuttingly droll. We Gaisin’s were especially thunderous over descriptives of lactose intolerance and farting! Hearing ‘Annabelle’ decry her pre-marital life style of ‘Wanting to get laid; trying to get laid, and then getting rid of the lay-er” immaculately mirrored yours truly until meeting my muse.
Both Michael and Pudgy (she isn’t) capture the essence of married folks who are in love but still realize that their partners have imperfections. Showing us all the warts but never cutting too deeply demonstrates the precision of the writing plus the faultlessness of direction. The Quasts are everyone yet with the added benefit of a responsiveness and compassion that only occurs with a truly loving couple. This is theatre at its best. Audiences will find some new terms added to their personal lexicons such as ‘lie-backer’ or ‘landmines’ (those zingers that one rarely thinks of – until later.) Every couple who’ve successfully passed the infamous ‘Seven year itch’ will be touched by and enthralled by the mirror that’ You say Tomato…’ holds in front of us. This is the Canadian premiere of the play. Alas, it’s here for only three performances. Sad, it deserves a much longer run.

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