“La Vida Imelda”, a part of Philippino Culture Reply

Review by Michael PiscitellireviewerMichael P2

I enjoy learning about other cultures, especially when it is presented in a way that speaks to me. Granted, this particular way is through gossip, scandal and a lot of exposition, but I learned a lot – none the less. From his Off Broadway smash hit run, to meeting the lady of the hour herself, Carlos Cedran’s  Livin’ La Vida Imelda was educational, inspiring and entertaining – all in one.
We were very fortunate to be invited to this year’s Kultura Festival celebrating Philippine culture and identity.

Carlos Cedran, on stage interpreting part of Philippine history

Carlos Cedran, on stage interpreting part of Philippine history

  And what better way of celebrating than with a show about one of the most influential dictator’s wives to come out of the 5th biggest financial partner of the U.S. in the 1970’s (we learned a lot this night). Using his own brand of storytelling (through the use of a gossip columnist-esque flare) and projections giving visual aids throughout the piece; Celdran tells the story of Imelda Marcos, first lady to Philippine President and later dictator, Ferdinand Marcos. Punctuated with dark humor and a random offering of candy thrown in to the audience, this show left me feeling good to see someone so proud of their own culture and sharing it with the rest of the world.

The Kultura festival will be spanning over the 5 days of August 5th to the 9th with events, shows and activities celebrating the Philippines all over the city of Toronto.  Be sure to check it out to expand your knowledge of the world around you.


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