“Cirque du Festival”; pleasing but distracting Reply

Review by Judith CaldwellreviewerJudith
One has to hand it to Boris Brott; he certainly knows how to put a concert together. This reviewer was not at all sure about a concert with aerialists – would they add to the program or distract? Initially, in Felix Mendelssohn’s Midsummer Night Dream Suite they did distract, but later added so much to Tales of the Netsilik that they even seemed necessary to the storytelling. The evening opened with Janna Sailor conducting the N.A.O. in Engelbert Humperdinck’s Overture to Hansel & Gretel,

Chief Hill with the Brotts;  post-concert

Chief Hill with the Brotts; post-concert


“La Vida Imelda”, a part of Philippino Culture Reply

Review by Michael PiscitellireviewerMichael P2

I enjoy learning about other cultures, especially when it is presented in a way that speaks to me. Granted, this particular way is through gossip, scandal and a lot of exposition, but I learned a lot – none the less. From his Off Broadway smash hit run, to meeting the lady of the hour herself, Carlos Cedran’s  Livin’ La Vida Imelda was educational, inspiring and entertaining – all in one.
We were very fortunate to be invited to this year’s Kultura Festival celebrating Philippine culture and identity.

Carlos Cedran, on stage interpreting part of Philippine history

Carlos Cedran, on stage interpreting part of Philippine history


SHAW’s Intelligent homosexual’s guide etc. overkills Reply

Review By Judith RobinsonreviewerJudith Robinson

There’s a lot of good information in Tony Kushner’s play, The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures now playing at the Shaw Festival. The playwright has really done his research and there’s a mind boggling array of sizzling one-liners and quotes from theological, philosophical and religious figures—some in Latin. And his passionate portrayal of a Brooklyn family on the brink of disaster is scintillating. But this play gives new meaning to the word overkill. Photo courtesy of  David Cooper [Shaw]

The cast of "Intelligent homosexual's guide..." on-stage @ the Shaw Festival

The cast of “Intelligent homosexual’s guide…” on-stage @ the Shaw Festival