“ERINDALE”; a silver anniversary 1

Review by Danny & Terry GaisinThe Marquis DuDannyMadame DuTerry

According to legend, back in 1990, renowned theatre director and teacher, Ron Cameron-Lewis was doodling with his paper napkin during a preliminary exploration meeting about a combination of the UNIVERSITY of TORONT
O’s Mississauga Theatre program and SHERIDAN COLLEGE’s Trafalgar campus counterpart. Like the fabled fourteen minute cab ride during which lyrics for “Anything You Can Do” (Annie get your Gun ’46) were composed for Irving Berlin’s catchy composition; Lewis came up with a prototype that became a successful marriage.  Another epiphany moment that has stood the test of time.

Overview of the 25th Anniversary celebrities & past alumnae/professors

            Sunday afternoon, Erindale hosted a gathering of theatre luminaries including many of the quarter-century faculty members & administrators who were intrinsic in the collaboration and creative aspect for this successful partnership alliance. There were also celebrity invitees from the ancillary world of support, including a certain media duo who celebrated their 100th + continual critiquing of offerings from both entities. The intensity of each school’s curricula and full aspect coverage of theatre including crew knowledge, has led to most of the graduates securing successful careers within the venue. It’s also led to a challenge for us and our annual TOP TEN listings…what to do about a plethora of choices. See why below!

2003 – “Crazy For You” & “Man of LaMancha”- tieSHERIDAN
“Pride & Prejudice” – ERINDALE

2004 – “Sweet Charity” – SHERIDAN
Jane Eyre” – ERINDALE

2005 – “Unity 1918” – ERINDALE (seen twice)

2006 – “Candide” –SHERIDAN
“The Country Wife” – ERINDALE

2007 – “David Copperfield” & “A Maid’s Tragedy”; tie– ERINDALE
“5 Women Wearing the Same Dress” – SHERIDAN (seen twice)

2008 – “That Summer” & “A New Life” tie – ERINDALE
“Barbeque Kings” & “A New Brain” & “Gypsy” triple-tie SHERIDAN!

2009 – “Taming of the Shrew [reversed roles] & “Taming of the Tamer” – ERINDALE
“Brigadoon” & “Carnival”tie – SHERIDAN

2010 – “Pippin” & “Cabaret” & “Oberon“ triple tie – SHERIDAN
“Jane Eyre” &  “Child of Survivors”, tie – ERINDALE

2011 – “Once Upon a Mattress” & “ Amadeus”tie – SHERIDAN
“1917 The Halifax Explosion” [seen twice] – ERINDALE


2012 – “Good Night Desdemona” & “Stage Door”tie – ERINDALE
OKLAHOMASHERIDAN     (much better than even the Stratford offering)

2013 – “Merrily we roll along`- SHERIDAN


2014  – “A Stitch in Time“– ERINDALE
`Dirty Rotten Scoundrels`- SHERIDAN


The O.A.R. staff problem is we usually end up with an even amount of contributors so the voting splits the same way. We also haven`t figured out a way of allotting a uniform 1-10 scale for our writers to use. Couple that with the highest level of professionalism incorporated by both these faculties and thus-double & triple ties! When one considers that we and our contributors attend over two hundred different performances (not counting Fringe offerings); to be so consistently included in our paper`s Top Ten is definitely an accolade and acknowledgment of the effort; training; and dedicated intensity of both faculty and student body of Sheridan & UTM-Erindale.
Conferring full attention is requisite for every professional theatre critic but for our esteemed editor and your humble scribe – attending both venues is also a pleasure and certainly an evening of entertainment. Here`s to another quarter-century …L`Chayim!


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  1. Thanks so much for joining us, you two! And I’m glad SOMEBODY took advantageous of those cut-outs. You both look FAAAAAbulous in an eighteenth-century wig! — Patrick

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