“ART”; different genres but the same aesthetic basics Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin
           First, one needs an idea or concept; then a vision of how to express that hypothesis. This is followed by choice of tones, media, emphasis and articulation. The result, if technically precise is designated art. This scribe has always thought that the design and creativity of the automotive industry met the criteria, especially during the fifties to seventies. My ‘Mona Lisa’s were and are the 1957 Belair convertible; the ‘56 Lincoln Capri; the ‘57 Thunderbird and the ‘el ultimo’ 1960 Caddie Eldorado!

Roli; Tiffany; Danny & "Horny Mike"

Roli; Tiffany; Danny & “Horny Mike”

There is a current TV show about Danny Koker and his team of artists titled ‘COUNTING CARS’. To be about two of my passions make it a must-see and as icing, the gang also demonstrate their combined sense of compassion when they create imaginative solutions for customers either physically challenged or emotionally attached to a certain aged or deteriorated vehicle.
Yesterday, I was privileged to meet two of my Counting Cars heroes. ‘Horny Mike’ (Henry) is a creative and perceptive artist whose ability to pinstripe and capture an idea should have some of his creations in the Guggenheim or especially MOMA. From a patron’s notion or inkling he can quickly draw a two-dimensional revelation that usually captures exactly the original thought. In person, Mike exhibits a quick & logical mind that is probably a manifestation of a much higher than usual I.Q.
Roli Szabo is the group’s detail man. In the show, it’s usually his Hungarian accent that bears the brunt of humor; but this is a way-above-average individual. His ability to focus on even the most miniscule of minutiae reflects the very definition of professionalism. In his mindset the phrase ‘good-enough’ doesn’t exist; perfection is the bottom-line. He introduced me to Tiffany; his life-partner and this lady displays all the attributes needed to be an –on-screen asset to the show. She possesses a thousand-watt grin; a super sense-of-humor and an innate affection for everyone she meets. I had the chance to witness her having to give end-of-the-line bad news to folks wanting autographs…doing so with such a personable demeanor is a rare talent and the International Motorcycle Show guests accepted their disappointment with a smile. What a Police hostage negotiator, she’d make. BTW, did I mention – she’s also beautiful?


The Motorcycle Show itself was as enormous as usual; the crowds even larger than expected; and the weather, warm enough for a few hardy riders to actually attend on their bikes. The older cycle display had a few Vespa’s exhibited, but none were even near a strikingly attractive as my ‘Vicky’ (see photo below!!!) Maybe next year we’ll bring her to the International Centre for all the world to appreciate.  Our wish; early spring; warm dry summer; no windstorms and optimal opportunities for days of VROOM VROOM-ing       The VESPA-ing Gaisins


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