“PERFECT WEDDING” ver. 3.0 Reply

Review by Danny GaisinreviewerDGcolor
            Our first exposure to Robin Hawdon’s ‘Perfect Wedding’ was back in September of 2006. The next iteration was October of last year, with three of the original cast. Now, Galahad Theatre has recalled the same trio to reprise their roles and this iteration has a different take. Director Yo Mustafa has done some tweaking that puts focus on the best man, a hilarious Danny Deakin rather than the groom. The plot, about a night before the wedding stag party with the groom getting drunk and then ‘lucky’ with a stranger who is stunning and has an adorable personality.

The cast of PERFECT WEDDING 2016

The cast of PERFECT WEDDING 2016

Fiancée shows up expecting the bridal suite to ready but it’s in disarray due to the previous night’s shenanigans. Naturally the groom recruits the best man to take all the blame and explain away the other woman as the maid. Unfortunately, the actual maid shows up!  Any more detail and it would be a spoiler.
Deakin earns an “A” + for his ability to avoid descending into ham; but still imbues his portrayal with the required farce needed. Every movement or pose reflects what his character is enduring.  An equally interesting and delightful comedienne is Franny McCabe-Bennet whose maid situation is enlisted to act as the best man’s lady friend. McCabe-Bennet milks the part for every inch of scenery-chewing opportunity the play contains, and she’s a constant hoot. Poor Jennifer Farrugia is the bride-to-be but the play reduces her role to that of support. Even so, she gives it her best and makes the most of the conflicting moods and situations she must face.
A newcomer to the team is Brittany Johnson and she possesses amazing facial expressions. These are indelibly noticed at the beginning of Act II where she; the maid and the bride’s mother are eavesdropping on dialogue between Farrugia and her intended, another newcomer – Na’im Vojdani. Considering he hasn’t the role experience of the other principals, he gives full measure to the conflicted bridegroom-to-be. I did find his haircut a distraction.
There are some O.M.G. moments, mostly presented by Julie (the maid) in all of her helpful artifices needed to ameliorate the situation for the two men. The referee’s whistle bit is a show stopper, both on stage and in the audience.

Unfortunately, Galahad is only putting on a Perfect Wedding for three performances at the Living Arts Centre…there’s still two more opportunities to see it.

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