“RABBIT HOLE”: grief & hope after a loss Reply

Review by Ellen S. JaffeReviewerEllen S.
            Kudos to Dundas Little Theatre for their production of Rabbit Hole, a Pulitzer prize-winning play by David Lindsay-Abaire. They have taken on a daring emotional challenge, and succeeded.  This play, dealing with one of the most poignant and painful griefs – the death of a child – is not an easy subject, but Abaire’s beautifully-crafted script and the skill of the actors and director Lana Borsellino bring the story to life, touching our hearts without sentimentality.
The play shows five characters each dealing with loss and grief in their own way. This causes conflict, but as the story develops, they begin to communicate more openly,

Nectaria Kardan & Gladys Glass in "RABBIT HOLE"

Nectaria Kordan & Gladys Glass in “RABBIT HOLE”