A Lad, His Sourpuss and a Panto Reply

Review by Michael Piscitellireviewer-m
Pantomime! The art of doing a fairy tale with numerous modern twist and a multitude of pop culture references. No matter your age, actively booing the bad guy is always fun and the chance that you might get to go on stage is always an honour (if you look like you’re under the age of 10 that is). I’ve personally loved panto ever since I was introduced to it in my elementary school days and reintroduced in university as a viable source of theatre and art in its own respect

Aladdin's assorted friends & foes

Aladdin’s assorted friends & foes

Aladd’n His Cat holds true to that art and creative storytelling that everyone of all ages can enjoy.
Set to the classic tale of Aladdin within a story told by a fisherman, within a story told by the Cheshire Cat, this zany tale unfolds to the tunes of several pop songs from the last 5 years along with many tropes and memes that have become popular (here’s looking at you- millennials and social media). Also, there is a hoverboard/classic roller skate love duet midway through the show, so you know its got to be good.
Audience participation for this show was a little scarcer than I’m used to but, I think that it was due to the weather and the lack of younger children in the audience (it was mostly adults and older adults in the audience along with yours truly).
The costumes were fun and resourceful, using the small company’s resources to their fullest to create colourful and whimsical gemstones, pirates and laundry ladies to fill the hour and a half with a bright-as-day display. Transforming set pieces are a favourite of mine, and seeing the stage transform from a boat to a cave to a palace gate is something I enjoy immensely.
The holiday season is full of wonderful shows and fun for the entire family. Pantomime is one style of theatre you don’t get to see very often throughout the year, so now is the opportune time to go out and see what you can. Visit the Red Sandcastle Theatre website for details on show dates and times. Aladd’n His Cat will be playing until the end of December.

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