Hammer Baroque’s “Stella di Natale’ (Xmas star) 1

Review by Judith Caldwellreviewerjudy

A Christmas concert to open the season was held at the ‘Rock on Locke” as part of the Hammer Baroque series, entitled Stella di Natale.  It featured Ensemble Alloro and Rezonance Baroque Ensemble. Ensemble Alloro is a duo of voices; Emily Klassen, soprano and mezzo Meagan Zantingh, dedicated ‘to the performance of Baroque Chamber music in intimate settings and to bringing lesser-known works to a larger audience.’ Rezonance Baroque Ensemble is a group which varies per the repertoire and required instrumentation – in this case two violins played by Rezan Onen-Lapointe and Jimin Shin, and David Podgorski’s harpsichord.

Onen-Lapointe; Shin; Pidgorski; Klassen & Zantingh - post concert

Onen-Lapointe; Shin; Podgorski; Klassen & Zantingh – post concert


“DOGFIGHT”; a visceral picture of war Reply

Review by Terry GaisinreviewerETG
Six years ago, an off-Broadway musical about the Viet Nam War went mainstream. SHERIDAN’s theatre arts faculty brings all the pathos, transformations, and forced maturity that the war effected. The play is emphasized by song and dance; thus, the dialogue is transitory but exacting and severe. The phrase ‘DOGFIGHT’ usually refers to an aerial battle between fighter planes, but is occasionally used as the male counterpart to a struggle between women. It also represents a cruel U.S. Marine game in which ‘jarheads’ on leave pool funds to award whomever brought the ugliest date to a party.

The marines heading for leave, & the girls they want to meet

The marines heading for their ‘Frisco leave; & the girls they want to meet