“Critiquing (unbiasly); one’s own ‘kiddlies’ in performance” Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin
            Every experienced critical columnist will admit that writing about kids is anathematic. Even being objective is rife with danger. An unbiased review in keeping with the writer’s credibility reports on flaws; the editor can expect poisoned-pen letters saying “The kid was amazing… even the obvious flaws were cute…and besides, his or her parents were divorcing or separating or the child wasn’t feeling well! So, like all my counterparts, when a request for a child-oriented column is offered, the closet; bathroom; under the desk or a storage area is immediately sought out. Unless it includes one’s own grandkids or great-grandkids.

One of the younger classes interpreting ” “He’s So Fine”

Then, grandparental bias comes to the fore. Let’s agree to consent that Mia & Chloe were ‘best-in-Show’ and we can then write about a totally fun afternoon at Mohawk’s McIntyre Theatre.
The Lois Laxton Dance Studio is in its seventieth decade and the founder is still involved. Yesterday’s recital was rapid-paced and highlighted with rear projections denoting related scenery or vividly descriptive kaleidoscopic images.  Director Elyse Hammond conferred themes that somewhat united the various brief performances into cohesive units.  Pop music; Broadway; classical ballet; interpretive colours; and our favorites – the sixties were the recorded background with some almost faultless lyrical miming (especially Daphne & Sarah reciting a certain magical 34 -letter word). We both sang along with the chorus of the Neil Diamond standard “I’m a Believer”; and ‘Sugar, Sugar’; the Archies’ hit was the vehicle to which I learned to jitterbug!

Daphne Hammond & Sarah Mattina aping Andrews & Van Dyke – SUPERcalafrag etc…..

The student age spread runs from about four to eighteen and whether these kids make dance their career, the benefits of focus, discipline and dedication are characteristics that can’t help but enhance their future life opportunities…regardless of which field of endeavor they ultimately choose. We couldn’t help but notice that the performers; even the youngest seemed to continually smile while performing – something we critics have to remind those in professional theatre chorus lines.
Granted the synchronization may have been slightly imperfect, some cues missed; and some blocking miscalculations noticed; but as the final number stated; our opinion of the afternoon – THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT!”
The Studio’s website is www.llds.com  Boys are definitely welcome too!

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