“Back to School” Reply

Suggestions by Danny & Terry Gaisin
After reading about the 1st week problems the GHTA had with school bus pickups & deliveries; blame seemed to fall on the drivers and their individual companies…such is NOT the case !
We spent fourteen years driving ‘special needs’ students for two different Bus companies, and both of our employers, especially Attridge’ stressed
that safety was not only “Job #1”, it was also numbers two & three! It is not the company that has the final say on routes; times and pick-up locations – it’s the School Board’s Transportation’s aegis. It is they that must bear blame.

We both had experienced last minute route assignments; children who had moved a year or two earlier but were still listed as passengers, and finally, time schedules that were preposterous. So, to make the post-Labour Day week less strenuous – a few hints.
Plan on having the kids
fully prepared for departure; especially if they are being picked up by a School bus . . . 5 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. There’s always something that’s a last minute scramble.

  • Make sure the backpack isn’t heavier or larger than its carrier! *
  • Remember that most school Boards do NOT permit finishing breakfast on the bus. The reason is potential allergies among the other kids, plus eating while moving can cause nausea.
  • Make sure you child has at least one hand free to hold the grabrail while entering or exiting. If he or she is taking something extra along – temporarily put it in the backpack.
  • Explain the importance of staying seated while the bus is moving, and if the unit has seatbelts; secure and keep them tight.
  • Remind the kids that while on the bus, it’s just like being in class; the driver and his or her words must be followed.
  • Don’t forget to advise the Board or the Bus Company if Janie or Johnny won’t be going to school; or doesn’t need to be brought home. Pre-knowledge is a definite precautionary advantage.

Together with the School’s teachers & E.A.’s; the local Board and the transportation’s professional drivers working together with the parents: – the trip both to and back from school can be a pleasant social & safe occasion for all.

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