How to keep warm in the North, or life in ‘T-Bay’ Reply

Comment by Sylvie Di Leonardo

Editor’s note: We’ve heard of folks moving from Toronto to the suburbs, but 1400kms seems a bit of overkill. Just lost one of our contributors to Thunder Bay, ON. Here’s Sylvie’s take on her new community’s culture and lifestyle.

Naive, innocent, or inexperienced; abstinent. These are all words that the general population has come to associate with one’s relationship with enjoyment, in one regard or another. This is not the place to discuss the merit of humans’ obsession with quantifying and assigning value to the experience of pleasure. This is the place to, instead, focus on alleviating the absence of the experience.

1396 kms, (or 865 miles) …definitely not an urban/rural commute!

Lots of “firsts” are brought about under dim lighting. Casual wear, the “good linens,” and cultural affairs intermingle with nerves and liquid courage. The easy suspense of bearing witness to a tuning orchestra gives way to preparation for the arrival of a stranger who promises to delight. Decadent chocolates within an arm’s reach invite you to step over the edge. Whether you’re going stag, or with friends—this is your show, designed with newcomers in mind.
With all the comforts of a cabaret performance, and the hospitalities of an encouraging host, the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra’s first special event of the year aims to coax Symphony Virgins out of their comfort zones and into the line of fire to experience something new, something timeless, and something surprisingly innovative– despite many generations of practice. First-timers, this one is for you!
Get your first taste of the Symphony on Wednesday October 25th at the Da Vinci Centre. While Symphony Virgins will have their world rocked by new-found treats and sounds, frequent visitors will enjoy a familiar repertoire and more casual experience. Tickets are available online and in-person through the Community Auditorium, or at the door. Visit for more information.
Should you find yourself in Ontario’s North over the coming months, you’ll be delighted to know that this is only the beginning of the TBSO’s special events programming for the year. Date night has never been easier as 
Mozart and Martinis resurfaces next month at ‘Bight Restaurant’, providing a classy evening of cocktails, fine appetizers, and music on the waterfront. If you make it past those first three months, and are looking to spice things up, they’ve got you covered then, too: classier than a ‘kegger’, but with all the hops required, Brew and Beethoven returns in February to build community among local businesses and young professionals.

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