‘BAT OUT of HELL’; a fast start to 2018 Reply

Review by Tina Gaisin

With the weather hitting “highs” of -22 degrees Celsius there was not much to do in Toronto for New Years Eve outdoors. We decided to warm it up and go to Jim Steinman( Associate producer ‘Meatloaf’)’s “Bat Out of Hell”. Growing up with Meatloaf, it was not surprising all the songs had people singing, tapping their feet, dancing and even had a neighbour in the row crying! (What a wuss!) The story line sounds familiar the haves and have nots, with Romeo Juliet and Peter Pan thrown in! The dancing was very modern; well worth the show with singing and a moral to be learned throughout the show.

The iconic image of both the play & “Meatloaf”

The musical was well choreographed, the set design highly professional The entire stage was used including above and below the stage with high-octane lighting throughout the entire theatre! The orchestra was part of the performance and effectively very humorous. The attention to detail for the entire production was immense. Motorcycles, a car, a real pond, cameras, fire, smoke, light show and so many extras that should not be missed.
Before the show they have put out a place to have your picture taken and use Hashtags to share on social media. The costumes and sets were changed in front of us and even the cleaning of the set was wonderful to watch!
In any show there are people who really shine and yesterday’s performance was no exception! Andrew Polec played ‘Strat’ and he was a great actor and singer with a flawless performance. Christina Bennington portrayed Raven and she was outstanding in her role. Sloane was interpreted by Sharon Sexton. Rob Fowler has the role of ‘Falco’ who played his part very well. Billy Lewis Jr is an amazing is ‘Jagwire’ … I felt he was someone seen before (turns out we did- in Glee’s last season he played Mason). Giovanni Spano as Ledoux did a great job in his role.
There was only one change to the main characters Zahara was played by Miss Rosalind James and she was outstanding, we were surprised she did not have the role the entire run of the musical. The credits of achievement from these actors/singers/dancers are amazing and if you have time before the 7th of January this is a must see musical!

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