A ‘heads up’ for our Arts Review readers Reply

Editorial Commentary by Terry & Danny Gaisin

A definite perk of being on the edges of theatre (
i.e. a critic) is the opportunity to actually meet some celebs and occasionally become more than just acquaintances. About 10 years ago we met Denise Ferguson performing in playwright Vince Grittani’s ‘Quiet, I’m talking‘. A few years later, we spent some quality time with Loretta Swit (aka Major Hotlips Hoolihan). When Vince wanted to re-stage ‘Quiet’ & Denise was involved elsewhere; we did some typical Yiddish matchmaking and introduced Grittani & Swit! – ‘It’s not always what you know; it’s WHO you know!
Fast forward to 2018.

Terry ‘G’ & Loretta (Major Hot Lips Houlihan)

Don’t know how many of our 54,000 subscribers or 170,000 readers have ever secretly had a yen to emulate such luminaries as Zero Mostel; Gene Wilder; Nathan Lane; Matthew Broderick; Sean Cullen & Michael Therrieault… by becoming a producer. Well, readers, you’re about to have a chance to get in on the first floor. Grittani plans to bring ‘Bunny‘ to the big screen with Swit in the title role. Naturally, he’s planning to shoot the work in Muskoka; Ms. Bevington-Smythe’s supposed summer retreat. ‘Quiet’ will become ‘Grass Widow‘. Given how much we enjoyed the original; plus Swit’s innate acting talent; the leap from stage to screen should be seamless.

Suggestion: – if you have any discretionary toonies; greenbacks; Reminbi; Francs; liras; Yen or Euros sitting in a piggy bank; send it along to Grittani & Co. And then add ‘Producer’ to your C.V. The website is http://www.thegrasswidow.com
Please mention that you learned about this from our Arts Review…maybe I’ll be given a walk-on role in the movie!

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