DENIS BROTT; making radio essential again Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin
This paper rarely writes about radio; except maybe to complain ( commercials on Non-commercial stations; or those calling themselves NEW after a dozen years etc.) But in order to escape the Harry/Meghan Show, we listened to a CBC program entitled ‘My Music’ that featured Montreal’s Denis Brott. A stalwart of the Orford String Quartet and with a deserved O.C. after his name, this renowned cellist proved to have a genuine sense of humour and an ability to tell stories that showed his own warts and failings. Obviously, in spite of his accolades, the man still has a sense of humility without egotism or excessive vanity.

Denis Brott & his cello (looks like the entrance to McGill’s music centre)

The sixty-eight year old Brott; who was mentored by renowned cellist Gregor Piatogorsky, was a pivotal influence in the creation of the Canadian Council of the Arts which supplies heirloom instruments to deserving musicians. He created the Montreal Chamber Music Festival, has recorded with Koffman and Harnoy among others including a gig with Tony Randall. Each of his on-air narratives was presented with a mirthful aside; usually with Brott as the punchline goat!
Coming from a famous musical family, (
late parents & brother), Denis certainly has added his own imprimatur to the Brott legacy. As a teacher, and given the style of his CBC program, this scribe would bet that his classes are never skipped or missed!

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