Little Shop of Horrors, fun in a flower shop Reply

Review by Marion Davis

NYC’ers know that there’s a hidden part of Manhattan known only to localites that’s acknowledged as ‘Off – Off Broadway’. It’s either basements or lofts or parking garages. Such was the origins of Alan Menken & Howard Ashman’s 1982 rock musical ‘LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS’. The story is about a ‘Venus Flytrap’ plant that develops a taste for humans.
Audrey 2 (the plant), who was raised at Mushnik’s Flower Shop, has unexpectedly, in a twisted and funny way, planned to take over the Earth. This light musical horror comedy from the 1960’s, is filled with catchy songs throughout the developing horror story while nurturing a love story.

Steve Ross (Mr. Mushnik) and his store clerk played by Andre Morin    Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann


The focus of the story, ‘Seymour’ played by André Morin, is a simple but geeky plant lover, who finds a strange plant after an eclipse, and begins to nurture it. After realizing the plant does well on a few drops of blood, things begin to escalate out of hand. As the plant grows, so does Seymour’s popularity, and he even makes headway with his dream girl. As you would expect from a story of this kind, the plant begins to make demands, controlling Seymour’s actions more and more, and the progressions continue. 

While the ending in this version of the story if not what was expected, the overall experience is quite positive, due to the music and the execution of the players. It is difficult to chose a favorite character. Everyone performed their role so well. The three-girl chorus, occasionally acting as narrator, seamlessly merged into the story as needed.

Don’t feed the plant!

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