She’s GEMMA NEW, and “This is her music” Reply

Opinion by Danny (& Terry) Gaisin

Saturdays on CBC radio has an interesting program called “This is my Music” in which Arts celebrities are introduced (bios that are mind-boggling) and then present two hours of their favorite musical works.
The Hamilton Philharmonic’s Gemma New was featured yesterday and her presentation was superb. Reflecting on her personality, her taste is not only eclectic, it’s also surprising. She selected the Louis Armstrong/Ella Fitzgerald duet -‘Cheek to Cheek’. Then, Stravinsky’s ‘Firebird’; a 180-degree change. Abrupt pace change, “The famous ‘Star Wars’ by John Williams (who along with Leroy Anderson) are a couple of the last century’s greatest composers. More…

5 @ 1st presents Schubert’s “The Trout” Reply

Review by Judith Caldwell
As a Leap Day concert, 5 at the First presented Schubert’s piano quintet  ‘The Trout’ with the AYR trio plus Mayumi Seiler, violin, and Joel Quarrington double bass.  The afternoon began with Rachel Mercer, the R of the AYR Trio, and Quarrington playing a duet for cello and double bass in D major by Gioacchino Rossini.   This duet was composed for Europe’s larger than life double bass virtuoso, Domenico Dragonetti, a contemporary of Beethoven, who demonstrated that the double bass was an instrument worthy of its own music rather than simply copying the cello part.  He expanded the range and usage of the double bass

Berick, Park, Seiler, Quarrington & Mercer performing; not fishing for “THE TROUT”