A Lad, His Sourpuss and a Panto Reply

Review by Michael Piscitellireviewer-m
Pantomime! The art of doing a fairy tale with numerous modern twist and a multitude of pop culture references. No matter your age, actively booing the bad guy is always fun and the chance that you might get to go on stage is always an honour (if you look like you’re under the age of 10 that is). I’ve personally loved panto ever since I was introduced to it in my elementary school days and reintroduced in university as a viable source of theatre and art in its own respect

Aladdin's assorted friends & foes

Aladdin’s assorted friends & foes



a BIG (& important) thing for “little people” Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin
This past weekend, WEST END STUDIO THEATRE co-opted Christine & Lisa Brkich’s TWO SISTERS DANCE PROJECT to present a seasonally oriented short recital geared towards the three to 10-year old category. Both WEST and our ARTS REVIEW fervently believe that instilling an appreciation for live performances can never begin too early. We brought our own ‘kiddlies’ (ages 6 & 5) for their first exposure to the genre. To say they were fascinated and enthralled would be understatement. They sat mesmerized!

The "LEGWARMERS" percussion team!

The “LEGWARMERS” percussion team!


Sheridan aces “SHREK, The musical” Reply

Review by Danny GaisinreviewerDJG
One of the challenges facing any professional critic is having to review the same presentation without repeating adjectives or worse – repeating an article. I was introduced to SHREK by a Mississauga community theatre ten months ago and adored the ludicrous story line about the recluse whose swamp is invaded by expelled fairytale characters and so must embark on a quest to obtain permanent property rights. Theatre Sheridan’s take is about as entertaining and professional as anything ‘Downtown’ could stage. The singing/acting is non-pareil; the costuming delightful; and the directing -immaculate. Even the off-color bits aren’t disturbing given our era of overly sensitive political correctness.

SHREK & his stage-mates revolving around his 'swamp'

SHREK & his stage-mates revolving around his ‘swamp’


“Come From Away”; Mirvish musical has come to stay 1

Review by Judith RobinsonreviewerJudith Robinson
Come From Away
, currently playing at the Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto, is a musical pulsing with resilience and hope. First produced at Oakville’s Sheridan College in 2013, the musical went on to sell-out crowds in Los Angeles, Seattle and Washington, D.C. In February, it will move to the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre on Broadway. (Ed. note: -First critiqued here as a workshop, then studio performance, see our O.A.R. archive-‘2/15/13)
This Canadian success story chronicles the hosting of nearly 7,000 stranded airline passengers in Gander, Newfoundland during the 9/11 crisis.

The 'Come From Away' original workshop cast

The ‘Come From Away’ original workshop cast


“Murdered to Death”; you’ll die laughing Reply

Review by Danny GaisinreviewerDJG
“I am serious; and don’t call me Shirley”. Everyone remembers Leslie Nielson’s (Inspector Drebin) most famous tagline. If you can imagine 2½ hours of the same side-splitters, Peter Gordon’s Murdered to Death staged by Waterdown’s Village Theatre is a must-see. Under the direction of Graham Clements, the ten-person cast seem to having even more fun in doing their portrayals than the viewing audience’s enjoyment. Each character is a stereotype and the actors actually embellish their depictions. The whole thing start-to-finish is a hoot and totally entertaining.

The hosts, staff guests & cops involved with MURDERED to DEATH

The hosts, staff, guests & cops involved with MURDERED to DEATH


“GIBSON & SONS”, decidedly Oakville connection Reply

Review by Danny GaisinreviewerDJG
Oakville playwright Kristen Da Silva has written a new play that has already attracted attention. A nominee for 2016’s Pechect Family (Stage West) Comedy Award; it is the aptly named Oakville Players who have the honor of being the first team to put it on the boards. Under the meticulous direction of Angie Fyke; her impeccably selected cast of seven make this a continual giggle with quotable lines too numerous to list. There’s also some very touching and identifiable bits that make GIBSON & SONS hit a personal chord.

The folks of GIBSON & SONS

The folks of GIBSON & SONS