Kudos to Hamilton’s Brotts; well-deserved 3

Review by Terry Gaisin

reviewer_TerryPaul Simon wouldn’t have dreamed of it; Neil Diamond – never. Natalia Makarova couldn’t imagine going ‘on-pointe’ and Led Zeppelin remained on their trio of tushes during tributes at the Kennedy and Lincoln Centres. But not our Boris!  As this year’s Hamilton J.N.F. Negev Dinner honouree; Maestro Brott rather than being entertained; left his co-recipient Ardyth at the head table and took to the podium to delight those of us in attendance by conducting the National Academy Orchestra.

The Brotts receiving a plaque from the J.N.F. & event officers

The Brotts receiving a plaque from the J.N.F. & event officers

See alternative opinion about protest – “Letters to the Editor”



Stage West, some HEARTBREAKING NEWS Reply

 by Danny & Terry Gaisin

Our friend Muhammed Huq, general manager of Mississauga’s STAGE WEST THEATRE confirmed that one of our favorite local venues, and a vibrant opportunity for many of the young graduates in theatre arts; will close for good on June 30th. Last week our newspaper published a glowing critique of both the delectable buffet and the site’s latest presentation – ‘GAME SHOW’. The thought of facing the 2013-14 theatre season without the five offerings at Stage West has hit this newspaper and its staff like a sucker-punch.

HAPPY(ier) DAYS at Stage West

HAPPY(ier) DAYS at Stage West


Our newest sponsor; a brief biography Reply


On advice from counsel, I respectfully . . . etc.” from the 1950’s televised House Un-American Activities interrogations to today’s ‘Law & Order’ episodes; these words are part of our lexicon. Recently, in response to a laid charge after a minor accident, our lawyer suggested we’d be better served by a professional paralegal. So, with both a referral and “on advice from counsel “, we took our case to Hamilton’s Traffic & Court Services, or T&CS!

Bruce & Denise; preparing for court

Bruce & Denise; preparing  a defense;


Summer’s coming…, Reply

Summer’s coming, so – [PLAN Ahead]

Preview by Danny GaisinreviewerDGcolor

Yup, the solstice horribilus seems to be over. The buds are budding and the birdies are doing their birdie things. So, dear readers, let’s ‘plan ahead’ for our cultural summer, i.e. SHAW, the Toronto Fringe; STRATFORD & the Brott Festival.

In recognition of Brott’s being invited to conduct this month before Pope Francis, let’s mention the BROTT FESTIVAL’s line-up first. June will have Beethoven’s 9th; Valerie Tryon; an all-day Brandenburg banquet with 4pm & 7pm sessions on the 29th. More…