Denzal Sinclaire, an almost Nat ‘King’ Cole evening Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin

Busy night at HECFI: – comedian John Pinette on stage at the Great Hall; the Rascal Flatts @ Copps; and in the studio Theatre Denzal Sinclaire. We enthusiastically picked the latter having been impressed with his guest track on Karin Plato’s first album and his superb M.C. ing of the National Jazz Awards a few years back.
Since then, we’ve heard him perform on CBC as well as a personal interview which demonstrated his ability to speak without ‘ums’, “you knows”, or ‘like’s’… sports celebs – take note! Loved his singing, arranging and selections, but the show itself was a bit of a letdown.

Sinclaire, on-stage with Henderson & West


“♫ Something inviting; something exciting ♪ ” Reply

Review by Terry Gaisin
                Something new; something exciting; something really worthwhile. Not a ‘new & improved dish-soap’ or yet another ‘miracle hair shampoo’ – but a cultural evening with a twist! The multi-talented composer/arranger/director/orchestrator par excellence, Charles T. Cozens,aided by local impresario Rick McKenzie (who did so much to rejuvenate the LYRIC theatre) is bringing a monthly concert experience to the Lincoln Alexander Centre.

l-r; Paton, Cozens & Lima


An OK 7th; not an exciting Beethoven 7th Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin
  SEMTEX™ is a powerful explosive; but without a fuse or blasting cap; no more dangerous than putty. Great compositions are similar; monumental – but needing that igniting spark to be a volatile performance. The Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra’s inaugural 2012-13 Masterworks concert failed to ignite and was musically asymmetrical ranging from pedestrian, to boring, to immaculate.

Newman & Goodman under watchful eyes of Sitarski & Sommerville


Gershon Wachtel & his piano- in performance Reply

Review by Tina Gaisin
I was not planning on attending another concert but something told me I should go! I dragged my special someone and off we went!  The concert was held at Chabad Romano located on Bathurst St. in Maple. Instead of a lectern on the Bimah (elevated altar area) was a beautiful piano!  Acting as Master of Ceremonies, and guest soloist/ speaker was pianist Gershon Wachtel.  
               Wachtel has a lengthy bio which includes the accompaniment of the 1976 and 1980 USA women’s Gymnastic Teams. More…

A Verdi wonderful night & a successful closer Reply

Reviewed by Tony Kilgannon
The folks of the 2012 Brott Festival must have gone home very, very pleased on Thursday night, after their season closer at the McIntyre Performing Arts Centre, and they certainly deserved to. Entitled Finale- The Magnificent Masterpiece, it featured the Verdi Requiem in its entirety, with a full orchestra, massed choir of almost eighty singers, and four exquisite soloists.

the massed choir,N.A.O.musicians & soloists on stage


‘Rule Britannia’ plus Mendelssohn Reply

Reviewed by Judith Caldwell
Boris Brott and the National Academy Orchestra treated us to an evening of British music plus Mendelssohn’s Piano Concerto #1.  At first this might seem like an odd choice but it turns out that Mendelssohn was a great Anglophile who lived in Britain for extended periods and was a great favourite of Queen Victoria.

Valerie & sister Jacqui Muir