Oakville Chamber Orch’s, “fun & fun(d) raiser” Reply

Review by Terry Gaisin
The OCO has a history of creative ways to attract support and contributions. Even our ARTS REVIEW had the imaginative idea of door prizes that incorporated assisting in the next concert’s critique; a restaurant dinner and an evaluation (always positive) of said eatery. The laminated and mounted article then was hung in the diner’s entryway. It was a desirable prize.
Since relocating to Hamilton, we’ve forsworn the concept, but OCO also has other innovative ideas and an afternoon at Joshua Creek Art gallery for music, food and silent auction was a success.

Leslie Ashworth performing, backed by Linda Ruan



“Back to School” Reply

Suggestions by Danny & Terry Gaisin
After reading about the 1st week problems the GHTA had with school bus pickups & deliveries; blame seemed to fall on the drivers and their individual companies…such is NOT the case !
We spent fourteen years driving ‘special needs’ students for two different Bus companies, and both of our employers, especially Attridge’ stressed
that safety was not only “Job #1”, it was also numbers two & three! It is not the company that has the final say on routes; times and pick-up locations – it’s the School Board’s Transportation’s aegis. It is they that must bear blame. More…

O.A.R.’s “THE TOP TEN” (plus plus), 2016 Reply

Editorial & Administrative opinions
There have been previous years where due to tie-votes, our ARTS REVIEW’s TOP TEN list has, in actuality contained 12 or even 14 items. This year has seen such a plethora of worthy efforts of entertainment that the final selection process was daunting. So, for the first time, O.A.R.  will also specify an ‘Honourable Mention’ (sort of Silver or Bronze medal) category.

THEATRE UNLIMITED, This successful Miss ‘a community group undertook staging the musical version of Monty Python’s SPAMALOT. The droll puns and one-liners still abound but with the addition of musical numbers, it’s even enhanced. As we wrote in our review “– an awesome giggle from start to finish and we loved it!”

the candidates for work as part of A CHORUS LINE

the candidates for work as part of Stratford’s “A CHORUS LINE”


Additions to our O.A.R. contributors Reply

Editorial by Terry Gaisin
     Lately; the major media has been inconsistent in coverage of things cultural, thus demand for our efforts has increased exponentially. In order to fulfill additional reportage requests, we’ve asked Judith Robinson to assist as associate editor; and recruited the following additions to our contributor list. All possess knowledge and an affection for the arts. We’re fortunate to have them join our family.

David and Jan Richards are consummate music lovers who met at the opera 25 years ago. They both have undergraduate degrees in music—David trained as a pianist and choral director, and Jan as a double-bassist.Reviewers Dave & Jan More…

O.A.R.’s “THE TOP TEN”, 2015 2

This is the beginning of our 2nd decade of Arts Review’s TOP TEN (or 16th as our own publishers). As always, choices are made regarding the educational; entertainment or professionalism values of events we attended during the calendar year.           

5 @ the 1st;  a January concert titled ‘Czech Celebration’ made for a warm Saturday afternoon featuring compositions by Dvořák; Pichl & Martinu. The presentations; arrangements and technical expertise exhibited- earned this chamber group their first inclusion in our annual list.

Theatre Unlimited; all of our contributors; due to the ubiquitous nature of ‘The Sound of Music’ know the music & lyrics ad nauseum. But the competence of direction; stage crew and cast – especially the Von Trapp kiddies; made this iteration a standout and proof positive that community theatre can off-times hold its own with the professional producers.

The [large] cast of SOUND OF MUSIC

The [large] cast of SOUND OF MUSIC


“It’s FESTIVAL Time” Reply

Editorial by Terry Gaisin

It’s (Almost) summertime. Here are some of the cultural events that we and our readers will appreciate. Book early…book often!

SHAW is always a something-for-everyone event. Jackie Maxwell selects productions that educate; entertain and are continually a challenging stage for her repertory thespians. STRATFORD consistently re-tutors us in the works of Shakespeare as well as other classics. The BROTT NAO series of concerts, gives an opportunity to new graduates to perform alongside experienced professionals. The TORONTO Fringe presents 150 1-hour plays that are un-pre-juried…so anything goes.

Violinist Lindsay Deutsch aboard "La Bamba II, circa 2008

Violinist Lindsay Deutsch aboard “La Bamba II, 2008