Toronto Fringe Festival 2015 3


Fringe banner 2015July 12th, 2015     For the past 7 years “ONTARIO ARTS REVIEW” has endeavored to devote as much coverage to Toronto’s amazing FRINGE FESTIVAL as our contributors were physically able to critique. Our team of; Terry Gaisin; Florence Roullet; Rhoda & Avrum Regenstreif;  and Danny Gaisin have published twenty-two thumbnail critiques…many of whom made the Viewer’s Choice selections.  Next – the upcoming Hamilton Fringe Festival                .

“10/10/10 PROJECT”; Factory Theatre
Occasionally the Fringe attracts something that turns out to be creatively unique and this venture created by ten emerging writers to each invent a piece. Ten evolving composers wrote new music and then ten embryonic choreographers fashioned the interpretive dances for each.

the interpretive cast of 10/10/10 PROJECT

the interpretive cast of 10/10/10 PROJECT