“Yiddish for Pirates”; a literary H.P.O. evening Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin
The Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra under its current Board, executive director and permanent conductor have proven to nothing if not eclectic. Classical assemblages are usually reputedly somewhat highbrow, but not the HPO. Younger audiences are enticed and welcomed, new and more contemporary works performed, plus other creative genres included. Case in point; last evening’s Literary Series offering,- a reading and musical quartet featuring Gary Barwin’s book – “Yiddish for Pirates”.
Given the intimacy of the First Ontario’s Studio Theatre and its cabaret milieu, the evening was a hundred fascinating minutes – although a familiarity with ‘
Yiddishkeit’ was a definite bonus. *

Gary Barwin entertaining with his saxophone



“Back to School” Reply

Suggestions by Danny & Terry Gaisin
After reading about the 1st week problems the GHTA had with school bus pickups & deliveries; blame seemed to fall on the drivers and their individual companies…such is NOT the case !
We spent fourteen years driving ‘special needs’ students for two different Bus companies, and both of our employers, especially Attridge’ stressed
that safety was not only “Job #1”, it was also numbers two & three! It is not the company that has the final say on routes; times and pick-up locations – it’s the School Board’s Transportation’s aegis. It is they that must bear blame. More…

“The Kids in the Hall” @ Hamilton’s Great HALL Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin

Way back (1950’s) at High School in Montreal, there were three categories of ‘bad boys’. The worst were those taken to the cloak-room for the strap; next were those sent down to the Principal; and for minor miscreants; exiled from the classroom and told to sit by the door until the bell rang. These were known as ‘The kids in the hall’ and due to my big mouth – I was regularly so banished.
Photo courtesy of
David Hawe

The KIDS"- top:-McDonald;Thompson & McKinney. Front:- McCullough & Foley

The KIDS”- top:-McDonald;Thompson & McKinney.
Front:- McCullough & Foley


The Hamilton Comic Con; “Shat Happens” Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin
               The Hamilton Comic Com was held in downtown Oakville (or so it seemed trying to drive around our own Downtown). First, the native Canadians chose to hold a BBQ at the Main & James intersection; the cops were there detouring traffic. I was sympathetic to their cause, alas; my empathy ‘went up in smoke’.
As for the event; I loved it and had a ball.

"Catwoman" Julie Newmar & fan

“Catwoman” Julie Newmar & fan


A Hamilton weekend; – 2 ‘Biggies’ 1

Review by Danny Gaisin
               We’ve been Hamiltonians for a half-decade. Alas, whenever we have guests we invariably show them eight or twelve waterfalls, and then back home. This year, we’ve decided to expand our appreciation of other things local. The Greenbelt Harvest was our inaugural. As suggested by a neighbor, yesterday we visited the vintage Steam & Technology Museum on Woodward Avenue. A commanding sense of déja vu as we approached, yet this would be our first visit!  Our guide Julia, explained the reason for such a recollection…we’re fans of CBCTV’s ‘Murdoch Mysteries’.Hamilton's Steam Museum, aka Downtown 'Toronto' 1900Lori Yates & Drugstore Cowboys, performing

Steam Museum, aka Downtown ‘T.O’ 1900                                Lori Yates & Drugstore Cowboys


Back to School, some safety recommendations 1

by Danny & Terry ‘G’

It’s that time of year when parental regimen changes. Prep shopping is complete lunch menus re-calculated; and the alarm-clock re-set for “Get ‘em up; move ‘em out.”School bus drawingHere are a few hints that just might make a little difference –safety-wise!

  • Plan on having the kids fully prepared for departure; especially if they are being picked up by a School bus . . . 5 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. There’s always something that’s a last minute scramble.
  • Make sure the backpack isn’t heavier or larger than its carrier!