Back to School, some safety recommendations 1

by Danny & Terry ‘G’

It’s that time of year when parental regimen changes. Prep shopping is complete lunch menus re-calculated; and the alarm-clock re-set for “Get ‘em up; move ‘em out.”School bus drawingHere are a few hints that just might make a little difference –safety-wise!

  • Plan on having the kids fully prepared for departure; especially if they are being picked up by a School bus . . . 5 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. There’s always something that’s a last minute scramble.
  • Make sure the backpack isn’t heavier or larger than its carrier!

“GREENBELT HARVEST PICNIC”; a learning event 1

Opinions by D. J. Gaisin & L.A. Lobacita

The picnic has been around for 4 years but somehow flew below our personal radar…definitely our loss. This is one amazing production and even more than the incredible entertainment, it’s an educational opportunity. Advice on ‘green’ choices; awareness of local efforts and craft talent, coupled with some personal guidance, suggestions and education made this an unforgettable experience. Even the early uncooperative weather failed to dampen our or our lawn neighbours’ spirits. Fortunately it was drizzle – not downpour ‘cuz we neglected to bring folding chairs or blankets.

Harvest Picnic-ers, dancing to Los Lobos

Harvest Picnic-ers, dancing to Los Lobos


NIAGARA FILM FEST – last day & wrap up 1

Review by Judith RobinsonreviewerJudith Robinson

On the opening night of the inaugural Niagara Film Festival, I saw a haunting Masterpiece by the Director of Cinema Paradiso at the Empire Theatres in St. Catharine’s. The festival is turning out to be quite the event and well worth attending. Along with a daily reception at the festival headquarters—The White Oaks Resort & Spa—the film people are quite accessible & friendly.
In the opening film, The Best Offer, two art collectors cook up a deal to buy art treasures for a fraction of the price. More…

Ensemble Made In Canada; debut CD release 1

Review by Judith Caldwell

Editor’s note.  Our ARTS REVIEW does not make a habit of publishing articles about a CD launch or other commercial enterprise That’s reserved for our advertising section and the $$$ it earns.  Ms. Mercer and her team will be an exception!

               Ensemble Made in Canada is a quartet of superb musicians each of whom has established herself as outstanding in her field.  Angela Park, piano, has won numerous awards world-wide and currently teaches at Indiana University.

The talented quartet of ENSEMBLE...

The talented quartet of ENSEMBLE…


“Hotel Solstice” An inaugural fundraiser Reply

Review, by Tina Gaisin

reviewer_Tina_G“Hotel Solstice”, Shadowpath Theatre Productions first annual charity fundraiser was a tremendous success! Charitable receipts were given and money was raised for Shadowpath and Markham Youth Theatre.  Not only did they fill the room, but they used every space on the first floor of Aloft Hotel Vaughan, who donated its space, to its advantage.   The evening started with the Deputy Mayor of Vaughan – Gino Rosati giving a brief speech and presenting a plaque to Alex Karolyi of Shadowpath; then a ribbon cutting along with Rosati, Alex Karolyi and Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco.

Bander Welle; Karolyi &  Ballard - the creative team

Bander Welle; Karolyi & Ballard – the creative team


Zen and the ambiance of winter trade shows Reply

Review by Harold & Marge EdwardsReviewer Edwards

From a practical point, displaying the basics or even the accoutrements of such summer activities as boating, cottage life or motorcycling seems to make no commercial sense. However, given the psyche of aficionados of these past-times, two aspects are served. First, the anticipatory attitude primes one to make purchases- necessary or just wishful; and it also provides a welcome break from the blahs!

Marge daydreaming on a potential new bike!

Marge daydreaming on a potential new bike!