“Hotel Solstice” An inaugural fundraiser Reply

Review, by Tina Gaisin

reviewer_Tina_G“Hotel Solstice”, Shadowpath Theatre Productions first annual charity fundraiser was a tremendous success! Charitable receipts were given and money was raised for Shadowpath and Markham Youth Theatre.  Not only did they fill the room, but they used every space on the first floor of Aloft Hotel Vaughan, who donated its space, to its advantage.   The evening started with the Deputy Mayor of Vaughan – Gino Rosati giving a brief speech and presenting a plaque to Alex Karolyi of Shadowpath; then a ribbon cutting along with Rosati, Alex Karolyi and Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco.

Bander Welle; Karolyi &  Ballard - the creative team

Bander Welle; Karolyi & Ballard – the creative team


Zen and the ambiance of winter trade shows Reply

Review by Harold & Marge EdwardsReviewer Edwards

From a practical point, displaying the basics or even the accoutrements of such summer activities as boating, cottage life or motorcycling seems to make no commercial sense. However, given the psyche of aficionados of these past-times, two aspects are served. First, the anticipatory attitude primes one to make purchases- necessary or just wishful; and it also provides a welcome break from the blahs!

Marge daydreaming on a potential new bike!

Marge daydreaming on a potential new bike!


An “O.F.’s” Bucket list start; or what we did… Reply

Review by Danny GaisinreviewerDGcolor

The initials abbreviate the term ‘Old Fart’ – and refer not only to the endemic gastric condition that occurs with aging; but to a mental state as well. This particular O.F. took to finally realizing a lifelong ambition to motorcycle drive by purchasing a Vespa™ scooter as a personal 70th birthday present to me. Three years later, we’ve moved up to a 750cc Honda, familiarly called ‘Rhonda’ and enjoyed her so much that the 2-week winter break seemed a fortuitous time to schlep her down south for some sunny winter riding.  However, CAVEATS!!!

Terry & her Harley-riding celebrants. Dec. 2012

Terry & her Harley-riding celebrants. Dec. 2012


Their name says it all… Reply

Review by Tony Kilgannon
Dec. 4th, ‘12

Some things become traditions. In my family, the yearly “Magic ’N Miracles” show has definitely made that leap- I wouldn’t miss it.  I’m an admitted lover of magic, as I have written here before, and have seen quite a number of good illusionists over the years. I’ve never seen a more satisfying and entertaining show than this one.

Teresa & Murray...the M 'n M's

Teresa & Murray…the M ‘n M’s


Lincoln Alexander, our memories Reply

LINCOLN MacCAULEY ALEXANDER 1922-2012, personal memories

Linc & Terry –

A Burlington concert was the occasion of our first introduction to ‘Linc’ about eight years ago. Showing proper respect for his status we did not attempt to be too pushy or ingratiating. After subsequent such meetings, he seemed to desire that we pursue a more personal relationship. Naturally, we complied and soon learned about the man’s amazing sense of humor. No subject (except politics) was forbidden and his quick wit oftimes led to giggles. More…

Hamilton; strutting out its cultural range 2

 Review by Danny Gaisin
                Toronto: – its’ Taste of the Danforth; the Beaches – renowned jazz Festival; Oakville – ‘Midnight Madness, and HAMILTON — The James St. North ‘CRAWL’!  Like those counterparts; ‘The Hammer’ shuts down the street to vehicle traffic and turns it over to 50,000 pedestrians [and oftimes – accompanying pets!] to see, to eat, and be entertained. In spite of our erroneous reputation as a lunch box town, we’ve culture up the kazoo and we display it every September. Today was no exception.

Avery & the H.P.O. ‘al fresco’

. More…