The Three Musketeers; -swashing & buckling! Reply

Review by Danny GaisinreviewerDGcolor


This scribe has been a Dumas fan forever. My ‘Iron Mask’ and ’Monte Cristo’ copies show all the thumbprints and dog-eared corners worthy of any literary sycophant. As for his THREE MUSKETEERS and its sequel – ditto. I even admit to being guilty of using Richelieu; Milady & Rochefort as literary epitomes.
We don’t DO movies, so an opportunity to visually experience 17th century derring-do and shenanigans became a personal must-see. Director Miles Potter does not disappoint.  Photo courtesy of Don Dixon

Goad, Shara, Humphrey & Abbey -  the musketeers

Goad, Shara, Humphrey & Abbey – the musketeers


“BLITHE SPIRIT”; can apparitions leave a v/m message? Reply

Review by Danny GaisinreviewerDJG

Back in my more athletic days of street hockey/baseball/football; High School water-polo; college fencing & finally competitive yacht racing; I admit to being intimidated when up against  “A” team players. So; a little empathy for Sara Topham, Ben Carlson; & Michelle Giroux. They have to play opposite Seana McKenna in Coward’s BLITHE SPIRIT.  Under impeccable direction by Brian Bedford…they more than just hold their own!
Photo by David Hou

Blythe Spirit


Topham berating Carlson; Giroux bemused!


“Hotel Solstice” An inaugural fundraiser Reply

Review, by Tina Gaisin

reviewer_Tina_G“Hotel Solstice”, Shadowpath Theatre Productions first annual charity fundraiser was a tremendous success! Charitable receipts were given and money was raised for Shadowpath and Markham Youth Theatre.  Not only did they fill the room, but they used every space on the first floor of Aloft Hotel Vaughan, who donated its space, to its advantage.   The evening started with the Deputy Mayor of Vaughan – Gino Rosati giving a brief speech and presenting a plaque to Alex Karolyi of Shadowpath; then a ribbon cutting along with Rosati, Alex Karolyi and Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco.

Bander Welle; Karolyi &  Ballard - the creative team

Bander Welle; Karolyi & Ballard – the creative team


“Carousel”; good enough to make us care Reply

Review by Anita Flegg

reviewer Anita

For today’s airport-savvy travelers, the definition of carousel is the gadget that takes interminably long to display one’s luggage. In the forties when Rogers & Hammerstein created their Broadway play…everyone knew it meant only a merry-go-round.  CAROUSEL is an odd musical; whose second act is perhaps more understandable to its early—post war—audiences in 1945. Today, the idea of our protagonist coming back from Heaven for one more shot at redemption seems a little dated, and perhaps a little too pat. Nevertheless, this is a solid production, with good enough acting to make us care about the characters and events that unfold. Photo courtesy of Alan Dean

the carousel from "CAROUSEL"

the carousel from “CAROUSEL”


“GAME SHOW” – more Jeopardy™ than Wheel™ Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin

reviewer_DannyThe newest event at STAGE WEST IS an event. “Game Show” does have a rather minimal plot about the star’s psychological salary negotiations, but it’s the game that makes the evening so much fun. Adding Charles Shaughnessy to the mix is pure apple-polishing. Remember his suave imperturbable ‘Sheffield’ opposed to Fran Drescher’s shrieking shenanigans; he still projects that charismatic, twinkle-eyed demeanor as Troy, the host of the game.
Audiences are insinuated into the evening as the on-stage crew start prepping for a performance.

Shaughnessy quizzing his 1st round contestants


The Emperor’s New Clothes; by Becker & Adamczyk! Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin

♫ The king is in his altogether…he’s altogether as naked as the day that he was born♫. That’s how Danny Kaye sang the punch-line in his musical movie about Hans Christian Anderson. Waterdown’s Village Theatre may not have original music, or a Danny Kaye star power; but it does have Gwendolyn Starks as director, and over two dozen adorable kids to interpret the allegorical children’s fable about greed, selfishness and indulgent dissipation.

The folks of 'Glump' including the royal family & court

The folks of ‘Glump’ including the royal family & court